Kappa Create Co., Ltd. Kappa Sushi’s third “Tsumami Sushi” to eat! “Honzuwai crab and salmon roe sushi”

Kappa Create Co., Ltd.
The third “Tsumami Sushi” from Kappa Sushi! “Honzuwai crab and salmon roe sushi” November 7th (Thursday), 2019, all Kappa Sushi will be on sale
Kolo Wide Group’s Kappa Sushi (Kappa Create Co., Ltd. Headquarters: Toshiharu Ozawa, President, Yokohama, Kanagawa Prefecture) is starting on Thursday, November 7, 2019. Will be sold at all Kappa Sushi restaurants.
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“Tsukami Sushi” is served with crispy seaweed that is attached to the plate on sushi with three layers of gorgeous material. By eating the seaweed from above, you can fully enjoy the deliciousness without spilling or collapsing. In addition, it is a fun way to propose a new way to eat sushi, as the customer finishes the product after the product arrives.
This time, Tsutsumi sushi is played by “Honzuwai-don”, also known as the king of the frog. In recent years, salmon has become high due to a decrease in catch. In addition, because there are large differences in solids and there are differences in taste even in the same species, it is difficult to prepare many products of the same standard. We will provide “Honzuwai Mochi and Ikura’s Three-tiered Grab Sushi” using abundantly.
The point of deliciousness is that you can fully enjoy the taste by using 2 types of “Honzui-don”. The moment you put it in your mouth, the crunchiness of the seaweed and the flavor of the scallops of the main crab sticks, and then the concentrated savory taste of the crab stick meat and the plumpness and sweetness of the salmon entangle with the seaweed / shari. Spread to the whole mouth.
つ か There is no doubt that all the fans of the Tsunami Sushi Series will be satisfied, and this time, it has been finished as a special dish full of Kappa Sushi. Please enjoy the proposal for a new way to eat kappa sushi called “Honzuwai Mochi and Ikura’s Three-Stage Sushi Sushi”.
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[Secret story of “Tsumami Sushi” development]
The large and popular sushi dishes are very popular with customers because of the deliciousness that can be enjoyed with your mouth full. However, there was a problem that it was difficult to eat if it collapsed or spilled during eating, and the delicious taste was reduced by half. To solve this problem, we developed “Kappa Sushi Tsutsumi Sushi” based on the Edo-mae sushi hand food culture. [Details of “Three-Standed Sushi Sushi of Honzuwai Mochi and Ikura”] ・ Sales store: All Kappa Sushi
・ Start of sales: November 7, 2019 (Thursday) * Ends as soon as it is gone ・ URL: https://www.kappasushi.jp/cp/2019/tsukamisushi
・ Product details: “Honzuwai crab and Ikura three-tiered sushi” consistent 300 yen (+ tax)
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