Casio Computer Co., Ltd. Collaboration model of “G-SHOCK” and transformers

Casio Computer Co., Ltd.
“G-SHOCK” and Transformers collaboration model
Released a set of evil robots that transform into a watch and pedestal ……………………………………………………………………………………………
Casio Computer Co., Ltd. is a collaboration model of the
shock-resistant watch “G-SHOCK” and Takara Tomy’s transforming robot character “Transformers”. -5600TF19-SET ”will be released on December 7th.
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The collaboration model of “G-SHOCK” and “Transformers”, which has always been strong and tough, and was born from the commonality of a global brand originating in Japan, will be the second production. Based on an original story completely supervised by TAKARATOMY, the first edition released last year is the hero “Master Optimus Prime”. In the second installment, we embody the warrior “Master Nemesis Prime” that fell in the dark as a sequel. The robot’s chest is specially designed to contain a clock and can be transformed into a “pedestal mode” for decorating the clock.
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Robot mode

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Pedestal mode
The watch, which has the same jet black body as the robot, and the accent color of red, uses the square-shaped “DW-5600” as the base model. The band uses black and blue-green molded bands with different colors on the front and back to reproduce the impressive coloring of “Master Nemesis Prime”.
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When the EL backlight is lit, the emblem of the evil corps
“Decepticon” to which “Master Nemesis Prime” belongs appears. A special package is also available to create a special model that can be enjoyed as a collection.
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■ DW-5600TF19-SET ¥ 30,000 + tax
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[Image 7


Special package
[Image 8


Left) Master Nemesis Prime Right) Master Optimus Prime (released in 2018 / discontinued)
■ Transformers
“Transformers” is a “Japanese toys” content created by Takara Tomy Co., Ltd. (at that time: Takara Co., Ltd.). “Robots in disguise” A unique concept of “Hidden” and a super-robot life form that can be freely transformed are developed along with a magnificent story of fighting in the universe.
After a toy sale in the United States in 1984, anime and comics became a big hit, and in 1985 toy sales and animation started in Japan. From 2007, Steven Spielberg and Michael Bay started a live-action movie series in Hollywood and became a big hit. Today, it has become a popular character around the world with over 500 million sales records in over 130 countries and regions.
Transformers official site:

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