Wonder Planet Co., Ltd. “Crash Fever” x “Date A Live III” collaboration will be held on November 15, 2 019!

Wonder Planet Co., Ltd.
“Crash Fever” x “Date A Live III” collaboration will be held on November 15, 2019!
-Characters of “Date A Live III” are coming to the virtual space ALICE! ~ ……………………………………………………………………………………………
Wonder Planet Co., Ltd. (headquartered in Nagoya City, President and CEO: Yuki Tsunekawa, hereinafter referred to as our company), which plans, develops, operates and sells full-native apps and games for smart devices, is being distributed to iOS / Android devices. We are pleased to announce that a collaborative event with the popular anime “Date A Live III” will be held on Friday, November 15, 2019 in the smartphone game “Crash Fever”.

[Image 1

“Crash Fever” is set in a world view with a virtual world motif, and it has the exhilaration and sound that can be obtained by breaking the panel with a simple operation just by tapping the screen. It is equipped with a multiplayer function that allows you to play, so you can enjoy fighting with players all over the country. In August 2019, we reached 11 million downloads worldwide, and it is getting more exciting.
This event will be a collaboration event with the popular anime “Date A Live III”.
The characters of “Date A Live III” will appear in the world of Crash Fever, and various contents such as collaboration limited quests and special campaigns will be implemented.
■ Outline of “Crash Fever” x “Date A Live III” Collaboration Event 1. Collaboration memorial login bonus!
Login bonus for up to 13 days during the period! Log in every day and get a collaboration-only unit “Mana Takamiya” and a luxurious reward! [Image 2

[Image 3

★ 6 Adeptus 2 Mana Takanomiya
11/16 (Sat)-11/29 (Fri)
2. Collaboration-limited gacha appears!
In the “Dating a Live III” collaboration limited-time gacha, many popular characters such as “Toka Yatogami”, “Kenzo Tokisaki” and “Kotori Gogawa” will appear in the world of Crash Fever! Voices will be installed on Tokazaki Toka, Tokizaki Kurazo, and Gogawa Kotori! In addition, each time you draw 10 consecutive gachas, an awakening unit will be included that will “delet” their faces!
[Image 4

[Image 5

11/15 (Friday)-11/29 (Friday)
[Image 6

★ 6 The Princess Princess Toka Yagami
[Image 7

★ 6 Crazy Nightmare
[Image 8

★ 6 Koi Gogawa

[Image 9

★ 6 A partner in the back of the ice Yotono & Yoshinon
[Image 10

★ 6 One God Goddess Hachimai Sister

[Image 11

★ 6 Diva Dividing Kidnapping Mine
3. Collaboration-only quests are here!
The characters that are familiar in the main part of the anime appear as collaboration-only quests!
In addition, this time, you can change into a special “before awakening” appearance!
[Image 12

[Image 13

[Image 14

Also, each event quest clears a chance to win “Reverse ver. Toka Yatogami”! In addition, the voice will be loaded on “Reversed ver. Toka Yatogami”! Play this quest and get it!
[Image 15

★ 6 Violent Samurai Toka Yatogami
And during the collaboration period, we will hold a Rock Quest where you can get a “Cost 55 or more confirmed ticket” and luxury breeding materials only once a day! Rock Quest can be played once a day for free!
Even beginners can easily clear it, so don’t forget to play every day! [Image 16

11/15 (Friday)-11/29 (Friday)
* The duration of each quest varies.
4. “Crash Fever” x “Date A Live III” collaboration commemoration! Twitter campaign held!
Twitter campaign is held! We will present a voice actor’s autograph and autographed DVDBOX by lottery!
[Image 17

11/8 (Friday)-11/17 (Sunday) schedule
* The schedule is subject to change without notice.
5. Limited collaboration time! Multi-room stamps can be used! “Dating a Live III” animation “Limited to the collaboration period” “Toka Yatogami”, “Kyozo Tokisaki”, “Kotori Gogawa” and “Kouichi Origami” appear in the multi-room stamp! Let’s liven up greetings during multi departures and conversations during the quest!
[Image 18

* The screen is under development. Specifications subject to change without notice

■ What is the TV anime “Date A Live III”?
Mankind was hit by a new disaster called “Space Earthquake”. The disaster that shakes the space and destroys everything,
It was generated by the manifestation of the existence called the spirit from the criticality.
The steps needed to stop the spatial tremor and dismiss the disaster from humanity are:
Defeat the spirit with force, or-
“Dating and letting you do”!
Deleade the spirit and then kiss it to seal its power–
High school student, Gogawa Shido who has such ability.
For the sake of humankind, above all, to save the spirits–
Shido goes on a “date” with them.
Spirits Toka, Shitono, Kotori, Kotoya, Yuzuru, Mikyu who opened their minds to Shido.
[Official Twitter]: @date_a_info
(C) 2019 Tachibana Ltd./Tsunako/KADOKAWA/”Date A Live III “Production Committee
■ Outline of “Crash Fever”
App name: Crash Fever
Category: Break! Pop ☆ RPG
Price: Free (with in-app purchase)
Supported OS: iOS version 8.0 or later, Android version 4.4 or later [Image 19


App Store: https://bit.ly/1LK0i3h
Google Play: https://bit.ly/1J1TMmH
Promotional video: https://youtu.be/tmbq-_PbVt4
Official site: https://crashfever.com/
Official Twitter: https://twitter.com/CrashFever_PR

■ Our company
Company name: WonderPlanet Inc.
Head office location: Sakaemachi Building 11F, 3-23-31 Nishiki, Naka-ku, Nagoya Date of establishment: September 2012
Representative: Yuki Tsunekawa, President and CEO
Business: Planning, development, operation and sales of full native apps and games for smart devices
Website: https://wonderpla.net

Wonder Planet Inc. Public Relations Email: hello@wonderpla.net

For more information about this release(Japanese):



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