Continuing to stare at the voice actor’s activity for 25 years … The professional magazine “Voice Actor Grand Prix” is 25th anniversary!

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Continuing to stare at the voice actor’s activity for 25 years … The professional magazine “Voice Actor Grand Prix” is 25th anniversary! The 25th anniversary of the first edition of the all-color extra-large issue is an extraordinary scale of 164 pages of extra pages + 36 pages of a separate appendix = 200 pages in total! !

“Voice actor” is the best person who can handle all voice related work, such as blowing voice into anime and game characters, dubbing overseas works, performing in radio personality events, performing CD releases at large venues, etc. entertainer. The magazine “Voice Actor Grand Prix”, which focuses on such voice actors, has gained strong support from voice actor fans and voice actor aspirations since its launch in November 1994, with unique projects and deep article creation, and has long been the industry leader Continue to maintain. And the quarter century…, the magazine will celebrate its 25th anniversary in the December issue released on Saturday, November 9, 2019. The December issue, the 25th anniversary special edition, is a permanent preservation version filled with the 25-year history of the voice actor industry.
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Voice actor Grand Prix first issue (1994)
The first voice actor Grand Prix was launched in November 1994. Anime “Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon” and romance simulation game “Tokimeki Memorial” became popular, and the voice actor’s personality was gravure in the era of “third voice actor boom” where radio and the Internet and voice actors were active. It was launched as the first magazine introduced in an interview. The cover of the first issue was decorated by Mariko Kokuda and Kikuko Inoue. The following year, “Neon Genesis Evangelion” was broadcasted on television, and the popularity of voice actors continued to increase. The magazine, which was released as a quarterly magazine, was bimonthly published and became a monthly publication in the October 2000 issue. . Since the 2000s, the voice actor boom has continued to accelerate, and a series of voice actor specialist magazines have been launched one after another. Maintaining the seat. Because of its long history and strong support, the opportunity to become a voice actor
It is not uncommon for a popular young voice actor to say that he was a voice gra.
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Voice actor Grand Prix December issue (25th anniversary commemoration all color super extra large issue)
The magazine will celebrate its 25th anniversary in the December issue on Saturday, November 9th. The December issue is a 25-year anniversary all-color extra-large issue that is delivered on an extraordinary scale of 164 pages of extra pages + 36 pages of supplemental appendix = 200 pages in total. In addition to celebrating comments from many popular voice actors, Daisuke Ono will be featured on the cover and the beginning of the feature, Daisuke Ono, another cover and the end of the story, and a series of high-profile members who have been called the highest level in history. It has become. In addition, a gorgeous two separate volume appendices are included, and the “Voice Gra Complete Guide” is a retrospective of popular projects such as “LOVE MEGANE” and “Heachen!” In addition to the past cover (259 volumes), rare It can be said to be a permanent preservation version that looks back on the 25th anniversary of the magazine’s 25th anniversary, including a number of precious images. The entertainment industry chronology from the first issue of 1994 to 2019 is also prepared, so we look back on the entire voice actor industry since the third voice actor boom
In that sense, the documentary value is sufficient. Another separate volume appendix is ​​an original clear file that celebrates the 25th birthday of Suwa in the same year as Voice Gra. This is another memorable appendix.
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Voice magazine December issue volume supplement “voice voice complete guide” [Image 4


Voice Gra December issue supplement “Naka ​​Suwa Original Clear File” Both the magazine and the separate appendix are finished to satisfy all new and old voice actor fans and voice actor candidates. If you are a voice actor fan, this is a valuable book you should definitely get.
■ Product Overview
Voice actor Grand Prix December issue
November 9 (Sat) release
Special price: 1,580 yen (tax included)
Issue: Housewife’s friend Infos
Release: Shufunotomosha
* Purchase at bookstores nationwide and online bookstores. The electronic version is also distributed on the same day.
■ Contents of the December issue of “Voice Actor Grand Prix”
◆ Cover & Top Feature: Daisuke Ono / Another Cover & End Feature: Natsuori Ishihara / Yuma Uchida / Yuichiro Umehara / Kotaro Nishiyama / Junichi Fukuyama / Kyoichi Toki / Shoya Chiba / Kota Terashima / Takuatsu Terashima / Yuko Sanbe “The Idolmaster SideM” / Nana Mizuki / Inori Minase / Yui Ogura / Sumire Uesaka / Nao Higashiyama / Haruka Tomatsu / Ten Amemiya / Shiina Natsukawa / Aya Uchida / Nakanaka Suwa / Akari Sato / Azusa Tadokoro / Ayaka Ohashi / Moe Toyoda Picture / Miki Ito / Miyu Tomita / NOW ON AIR / 22/7 / Riko Sasaki / Miki Ito, Yume Miyamoto, Chika Anzai “Flag Time” / Azumi Wada “I said my ability was average. right! / Emi Ogata “Ogatameshi de Otenashi” Guest: SCREEN mode / Tomomi Okubo, Eori Mikami, Mikako Komatsu “Voice Actor Grand Prix Channel Information Bureau”
◆ Separate Appendix 1. Voice Gra Complete Guide
◆ Separate Appendix 2. Happy Naka Birthday original clear file
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