STYLE VOICE Co., Ltd. Media-type EC department store “STYLEVOICE.COM” (Style is finally open on November 11 (Monday) at 11:00!

Media type EC department store “STYLEVOICE.COM” (style voice dot com) is finally open on November 11 (Monday) at 11:00!
11 popular luxury models and stylists start serializing! Many STYLEVOICE limited items are also on sale
Style Voice Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo / President Hiromi Katayama) opens a media-type EC site “STYLEVOICE.COM” (hereafter called STYLEVOICE) on November 11th (Mon.) I will do it. At the time of opening, there are 12 participating companies and 42 brands. STYLEVOICE will handle a wide range of products centered on five categories: Women’s Fashion, Women’s Beauty, Men’s Fashion, Men’s Beauty, and Home & Food, and will disseminate article content. (STYLEVOICE.COM official website:
[Image 1

Opened with 12 brands and 42 brands participating
Style Voice Co., Ltd. was born in June 2019 with the investment of Jun Co., Ltd., Mash Holdings Co., Ltd., and Daytona International Co., Ltd., which develop a wide range of lifestyle-related businesses around the fashion business. STYLEVOICE handles almost all the brands of the three invested companies, and in addition to the participating companies announced so far, in terms of fashion, Element Rules Co., Ltd., which develops chaos, banyard storm, currenthology, and babylon, and Manhattan Portage are deployed. To participate, the new code has been decided. In addition, we will enhance brand products such as food, household goods, and underwear, and offer a wide range of lifestyle proposals to customers. In the future, many companies and brands that can sympathize with the sense will participate.
Ivan Co., Ltd., EXJ Co., Ltd., Welcome Co., Ltd., UnnaCool Co., Ltd., Element Rules, Co., Ltd., Jun Co., Ltd., Daytona International Co., Ltd., Nishikawa Co., Ltd., HIGASHIYA Co., Ltd., Marketable Co., Ltd., Mash Co., Ltd. Holdings, Medicom Toy, Inc.
Popular models and stylists participate as curators and send serial articles A major feature of STYLEVOICE is that it offers lifestyle proposals to customers based on two axes: product and article content. STYLEVOICE curator who can be said to be a regular serial team is the pillar of article transmission. At the time of opening, 11 celebrities with transmission skills and senses line up. Each has their own series of articles and regularly makes style and product proposals. In the future, there will be many collaborations between curators and brands. [Image 2

[Naoko Ookusa / Stylist] Starts a serial essay “Essence of Living” [Image 3

[Maria Kamiyama / Model] Developed fashion course series
[Image 4

[Mayumi Sada / Model] Starts series series to challenge golf debut [Image 5

[Rei Shito / fashion journalist] Nishikawa AiR experience on a business trip to Paris
[Image 6

[Hiraku Shirakaba / stylist] Starts serial planning with video assault shop [Image 7

[Rina Takeshita / Model] Starts serialization to express his worldview with fashion shoots
≪Other curator lineup≫
Kozue Anzai (stylist), Yui Mochizuki (stylist), Tatsuhiko Akashi (President of Medicom Toy Inc.)
Daisuke Udagawa (Editor), Tomoichi Kato (Beauty Journalist)
More than 30 “limited items” available only in STYLEVOICE
[Examples of limited items that open when opened]


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