First landing in Japan Full of ultra rare & super premium world local and story chocolates. Felicimo “Happin ess Chocolate 2020” Starts Online Reservation

Felissimo Co., Ltd.
[First landing in Japan] Full of ultra rare & super premium world local and story chocolates. Felicimo “Happiness Chocolate 2020” has started booking online
We ordered chocolates that Japan has not yet tasted on Valentine’s White Day ……………………………………………………………………………………………
Felissimo’s overseas chocolate specialty website catalog “Happiness Chocolate” began selling pre-ordered chocolates for Valentine’s White Day in 2020 on November 1st. Misato Kinouchi, a chocolate buyer who appeared in NHK’s “The world is full of things”, has gone over the world to find ultra rare & super premium overseas local chocolates totaling more than 108 brands in 25 countries, 166 Posted more than points. Among them, [Japan’s first landing] is over 30 brands. Of which [Felissimo Only] is 127 points. If you don’t know Japan yet, you can’t get it anywhere else. In addition, you can participate in activities by having all products taste chocolate with the “LOVE & THANKS Foundation” which supports activities to eliminate child labor in cacao production. We also carry out advantageous campaigns. [Image 1

[NEW] Japan’s first landing, Felicimo only chocolate packed “happiness chocolate 2020”
・ Click here for the reservation site [Image 2

“Even if you don’t buy chocolate, you can see the world ’s finest chocolates and chocolatiers,” the chocolate buyer “Miri” says, so deeply knows the story of local chocolate that has been excavated around the world. You can see the catalog that can be done here. ・ Digital Catalog [Image 3

◆ Features of “Happiness Chocolate 2020”
For Valentine’s Day in 2020, “Chocolate Buyer Miri” attracted attention in Northern Europe, which is a special feature at the beginning. “Anna Sculate Hedas Assort” (Finland), which is first published in the catalog (6 pages), is one of the representative chocolates of “Happiness Chocolate 2020”. A popular local shop where Anna, who opened a chocolate tree in New York, did her best to return to Helsinki when she gave birth. The store opens only 3 days a week. The small and fashionable shop and the perfection of the chocolate are perfect. The Slovenian “Belishka Mint Chocolate” on the cover is a blue chocolate with the image of a shop beside a spring that springs out in a beautiful forest. Chocolate made with the experience of making herb oil and fruit wine is a perfection full of technology and aesthetics. Dare to choose a local location, and there are many chocolate ladies that are particular about ingredients, taste, design and uniqueness.
To play. As far as the chocolatier goes to the region … “Chocolate Buyer Miri” feels a new way of life, “local age”, from the world chocolate. He explains that the background to such activities is the development of material distribution, the evolution of manufacturing equipment, the penetration of web commerce, and the development of SNS. You can also enjoy the luxury time to choose the chocolate to taste this season, as you enjoy the story of each chocolate spelled on the catalog, site, “May of Chocolate Buyers” blog and SNS.
・ [Video] Reservation Highlights of “Happiness Chocolate 2020” [Video
◆ [First landing in Japan] [Felissimo only] Introducing some chocolates At the bottom of the details page for each chocolate product, “Chocolate Buyer Miri” tells the encounter with Chocolatier chocolate with local photos. If you take a look, you will be able to get a deeper understanding of the world of chocolate that is loved locally, and you will want to try it.
Let’s fresh! Enchanted glossy chocolate
The moderately thick dome-shaped chocolate is made up of three types: locally grown yellow fruit

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