La Vida Co., Ltd. “Furniture shop to make together” “La Vida” IFFT / Interior Lifestyle First exhibition in the living room! |November 20th (Wednesday)-22nd (Friday) 2019 at Tokyo Big Sight|

La Vida Co., Ltd.
“Furniture shop to make together” “La Vida” IFFT / Interior Lifestyle First exhibition in the living room!
~ “Nordic style Buddhist altar” using traditional Danish design and furniture making-“Building after designing your life” Nature, people, and future Proposing three-way good houses

Ravida Co., Ltd. (location: 15-2 Horinouchi, Kikuta-cho, Koriyama-shi, Fukushima Prefecture) will be held at Tokyo Big Sight for three days from November 20 (Wednesday) to 22 (Friday). We will exhibit for the first time in “Interior Lifestyle Living”.
Limited company Rabida (location: 15-2 Horinouchi, Kikuta-cho, Koriyama-shi, Fukushima Prefecture) will be held at Tokyo Big Sight for three days from November 20 (Wednesday) to 22 (Friday). We will exhibit for the first time in “Interior Lifestyle Living”.
Rather than thinking about homes and furniture separately, our company proposes the creation of a home that is good for nature, people, and the future, with a total consideration of design and usability based on daily life. This time, we will reproduce “living connected with forests and people” in the exhibition space based on the concept of “furniture shop to make together”.
In addition, there are many products that bring together the history, experience, and wisdom unique to La Vida, developed from furniture craftsmen, such as the Scandinavian style Buddhist altar using traditional Danish design and furniture making, and the module bookcase. On display.
Furthermore, this time, not only the furniture, but also the products of the project “La Vida End Piece Project (LEPP)” that recycles the wood and fabric end materials used in La Vida furniture as products by the hands of local moms. I will introduce it. Please come to the venue at this opportunity and experience Rabida’s manufacturing.
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◆ Date: November 20, 2019 (Tue) 18: 30-19: 30 * Reception starts from 18:00
◆ Location: Tokyo Big Sight, South Hall 3, 4A-03 (left corner just after entering the left entrance)
◆ Exhibition contents: “Living with forests and people” is reproduced in the exhibition space based on the concept of “furniture shop to make together”
■ What you can do because of Rabida
1. 1/1 scale studio “One-life home” for customers. It is often the case that requests are overflowing. In addition, many customers may not be able to imagine a three-dimensional image even if they look at the drawings, which may be confusing. The 1/1 scale studio is a full-scale space where our staff reads the drawings and allows customers and designers to experience the actual space in a real space. It is a studio to change into. Through the 1/1 scale studio, customers can be convinced and select by being able to experience and experience, so they can build trust with customers afterwards. You can start building your home with excitement. That is a 1/1 scale studio.
2. Total planning
The total coordination of “furniture” is an important element in order to make use of wonderful furniture. Furniture that lives together for a long time. The room where the furniture is placed is also a place to spend a long time. Expert advice is the best way to live a rich life in a room with carefully selected furniture. Ravida has been in charge of coordinating showrooms as well as private homes. Have knowledge, experience, and track record as a furniture store, and coordinate plans that can only be done by a furniture store, as well as listening to the design intent and interacting with customers, experiencing and convincing drawings in a 1/1 scale studio. Is possible.
3. Order Semi-order
Choose the right material for the right place, design it, give it a drawing, and create it with a craftsman. This is where Ravida excels. Ravida has its own product and custom furniture born from a long experience as a furniture store, and a kitchen production team. The greatest feature of Ravida is that it can provide everything from drawing production to material procurement, production, delivery and installation. From the storage of individual items, TV boards, Buddhist altars, nameplates, to bookshelves full of walls, cute godshelves, and handrails that are familiar to your hands, you can give your customers a “good wish”.
■ About “La Vida End Piece Project (LEPP)”
I want to make full use of the edges of fabrics such as wood, chairs and curtains used in Ravida furniture! “La Vida End Piece Project (LEPP)” was born in 2018.
“Mam’s craft” for crafting moms who like to create products from the hands of local moms with the guidance of woodworking professionals, with the theme of creating a place to experience “a life with woodworking” “Mam’s needlework” was born out of the desire to create wonderful things in the free time of cloth-loving moms, create a place for expression, and support them to make money. .
It works as a project that connects people, things, and living through the manufacturing of Ravida.
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■ Rabida’s so far
Inheriting the family business of a grandfather, a craftsman who was born in the Meiji era, the second generation expanded the scale of operations as a furniture store for mass production and sales. With the opening of the Koriyama store in 1956, the store developed into an assortment of furniture centered on solid wood furniture in Hokkaido, in order to create a distinctive feature from other stores.
Since becoming the current third generation president as Ravida in 1989, sales have started in the current style that coordinates existing furniture in total. It became a select shop for domestic brands, including imported furniture from the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, the United States and Italy.
In recent years, bringing together history, experience, and wisdom, the concept of “furniture shop to make together”, considering design and usability in total, “building after designing a lifestyle, making use of Ravida’s craftsmanship” “We are proposing plans for creating a home that is comfortable for the people who live, and that is good for nature, people and the future.
■ Company profile
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・ Representative Director: Shinichiro Watanabe
15-2 Kuchida-cho Horinouchi, Koriyama-shi, Fukushima
・ TEL : 024-959-3333
・ Business hours: 10:00 ~ 18:00
・ Store holidays: Wednesday and Thursday
・ Establishment: March 31, 1956
・ Capital: 8 million yen
・ Business details:
Design, construction and sales of custom wooden houses Planning, design and construction of home renovations Design and sales of original furniture and custom furniture Import and sales of
Scandinavian vintage furniture Sales of select furniture and bedding Sales of accessories and miscellaneous goods including originals ・ Official website:
■ IFFT / Interior Lifestyle Living
IFFT / Interior Lifestyle Living, the predecessor of the Tokyo International Furniture Fair (IFFT). Since there are over 400 exhibitors with products that make up the entire space, including furniture production districts in Japan, tableware, design
miscellaneous goods, daily necessities, as well as retail, design and architecture, designers, hotels, The feature is that there are many visitors such as restaurants.
In the special project, the future office shape is proposed for the contract market with the theme of “office”.
This time, IFFT / Interior Lifestyle Living will be reborn with SUPPOSE DESIGN OFFICE / Makoto Tanijiri and Ai Yoshida as trade fair directors.
◆ Official website:

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