Mortadella Bologna Consortium IGP / DOP Deli Meat from Italy started providing mainly restaurants in Chiba and Saitama prefectures

Mortadella Bologna Consortium
IGP / DOP Deli meat from Italy started to offer mainly restaurants in Chiba and Saitama prefectures
“Arigat-EU” A real deli meat from Europe, to be offered in the Kansai region following the Kanto region


The Italian project “Arigat-EU”, which introduces the Deli meat certified by IGP (Geographic Indication Protection) and DOP (Name of Origin Protection) in Italy to Japan, will be held in Yokohama, Maebashi and Saitama from September 2019.・ We started offering deli meats at approximately 200 restaurants in major cities in Kanto, such as Chiba. Deli meat produced by Italian gastronomy culture with “ Mortadella Bologna ”, “ Salamini Italiani Alla Catchatola ”, “ Zampone ” and “ Cotequino Modena ” Provides a menu using. In Chiba Prefecture, 31 restaurants are participating in the “Arigat-EU” project. For example, “ Porcellino ” that offers orthodox Italian cuisine, “ Antico Genovese ” that is famous for various seafood pasta, Japanese Italian guru, Pizzeria of “ Salvatore Cuomo ”, etc. You can eat authentic Italian deli meat. In “Ocean Table” and “Kyotowa”, you can taste Italian deli meats by taking out. (Search for restaurants in Chiba:
In Saitama Prefecture, 54 restaurants are participating in the “Arigat-EU” project. The main restaurants are “Papa Milano”, “Trattoria Azzurri”, “Kamakura Pasta”, “SOMETHING” and other restaurants where you can eat “Arigat-EU” deli meats. Kens Kitchen offers a special lunch box.
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The three-year “Arigat-EU” project will be promoted in the Kansai region centering on Osaka and Kyoto from 2020, and will continue to be offered in Nagoya and Fukuoka. In total, nearly 600 restaurants will participate in the project and will offer original menus using Italian deli meats. The “Arigat-EU” project will continue with various activities such as workshops and the creation of recipe books, especially in English and Japanese.
The “Arigat-EU” project carries out various activities to enjoy high-quality deli meat certified by DOP and IGP while receiving joint investment from the EU. The details of these activities are posted on the official website of Japan and UK, and SNS. Join the #arigatEU hashtag campaign.
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■ About each group
Mortadella Bologna IGP Consortium
Established in 2001 for the protection and development of Mortadella Bologna. In addition, counterfeit products and counterfeits will be eradicated. Currently, 27 companies, which account for about 95% of Mortadella Bologna IGP, are members.
Cacciatore Italiano DOP Consortium
Established in 2005 to protect and develop the Salamini Italiani Alla Catchatola DOP, it oversees domestic and international abuse and counterfeits.
Zampone & Kotekino Modena IGP
Established in 2001 to protect and enlighten the Kotekino Modena IGP and Zampone Modena IGP, 14 companies that mainly manufacture these two types of deli meats are members.
■ Domestic PR inquiries:
Arigat-EU Japan PR Secretariat
PR staff: Takaya [within SivanS Corporation]
Phone: 03-6812-9495 e-mail:

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