Asys, Inc. Started DL sales of “DLsite” and “Yuyake Firefly” produced by voice actor Hitomi Harada.

Asys Inc.
DL sale of “Yuyake Firefly” produced by “DLsite” and voice actor Hitomi Harada started.
In commemoration of the first DL sale, an interview movie is also released!
Acis Co., Ltd. (location: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, representative director: Kosaku Akashi) is a download sales site for content operated by the company “DLsite” We have begun to handle the voice drama “Yuyake Firefly” which is involved in planning and producing.
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Special page: “Yuyake Firefly” is a voice drama written, planned and produced by voice actor Hitomi Harada.
Starting from the event sales at Comic Market 96 held in August, CDs and other physical media have been sold, but this time we started DL sales at “DLsite”.
For the first DL sale of this work, we will handle it as a global edition that includes a new video with Chinese subtitles for overseas visitors to enjoy.
“Yuyake Firefly” is a work of the genre called “Yuri” with the motif of connections between women and kizuna.
In addition to Hitomi Harada himself, the story is spelled by gorgeous cast voices by Sakura Tange and Kikuko Inoue.
The whole story is recorded in binaural. You can hear the secret exchanges of two childhood girls through the stuffed bear stuffed with the memories of the girls.
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■ DL sales commemoration, interview movie released!
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To commemorate the launch of DL this time, we received an interview movie by Hitomi Harada.
Now available on special page.
Special page:

■ We present colored paper by lot!
For those who have purchased this work during the period until December 8th (Sunday), a campaign will be held to win the signature colored paper of the voice actors in the work by lottery. Please refer to the special page for details.
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■ Work information
Name: Yuyake Firefly Global Edition Normal version
Yuyake Firefly Global Edition Deluxe Edition
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Price: Regular version 3,000 yen (excluding tax)
Gorgeous version 6,500 yen (excluding tax)
Category: Audio works (voice drama)
Appearance: role of Hotaru Yanaka, Sakura Tange
Actor Yuka Kanzaki Hitomi Harada
Special Appearance: Firefly’s Mother Kikuko Inoue
Recording contents:
◎ Regular version
・ Drama main part
・ The theme song “Tears never stop” Duet Ver. (Sakura Tange, Hitomi Harada) Bonus talk
・ Drama main part (video with Chinese subtitles) ★
・ The theme song “Tears can’t stop” Duet Ver. (Sakura Tange / Hitomi Harada) (Chinese subtitle video) ★
◎ Deluxe edition
・ Drama main part (high res specification)
・ The theme song “Tears will not stop” Duet Ver. (Final Mix High-Res / Master / Master High-Res)
・ The theme song “The Tears Never Stop” Yuka Solo Ver. (Final Mix High-Res / Master / Master High-Res)
Bonus talk
Bonus talk 2
Visual data
・ Drama main part (video with Chinese subtitles) ★
・ The theme song “Tears can’t stop” Duet Ver. (Sakura Tange / Hitomi Harada) (Chinese subtitle video) ★
* ★ is an additional element limited to the global edition. In addition, it is the same content as the regular version and the luxury version.
Production: HoneyContrast
Illustration: magako
Director: Toshiki Kameyama (Groove)
* What is binaural recording?
One of the stereo recording methods. Record the “sound” that reaches the eardrum using a dummy head microphone or simulator that reproduces the acoustic effects of the human head. By listening to this recorded data with stereo headphones or stereo earphones, you can experience the realism of being there. The breathing of the speaker, the distance from the characters, and the expanse of the space due to the environmental sound can be clearly felt, so you can get a deeper sense of immersion in the work world than the normal recording method.

For more information about this release(Japanese):

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