Sumitomo Corporation Investment in Taiwan’s largest electric bus manufacturer

Sumitomo Corporation
Investment in Taiwan’s largest electric bus manufacturer
Sumitomo Corporation (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director, President and Chief Executive Officer: Masayuki Hyodo, hereinafter referred to as “Sumitomo Corporation”) is the largest electric bus manufacturer in Taiwan, RAC Electric Vehicles Inc. ) Was agreed with the company.
In Taiwan, where serious air pollution is a problem, the government is working on various measures for the development of the renewable energy industry, and the electrification of buses is one of the measures that the government is actively promoting. The government has announced a plan to switch about 10,000 route buses and about 5,000 highway buses to electric buses by 2030.
RAC is the only Taiwanese company that has obtained Taiwan government certification for electric buses, and specializes in development, manufacturing and sales of electric buses. In addition to being excellent in power consumption performance (note) and climbing performance, RAC buses have the advantage of being able to remotely monitor and operate battery operating conditions. RAC plans to use this advantage to develop new services related to electric buses. The Sumitomo Corporation Group will work with RAC to develop electric bus peripheral business, such as providing solutions for electric bus users in Taiwan, based on the new business area of ​​electric bus manufacturing and sales. Furthermore, we will deepen our cooperation with RAC by expanding into other regions where demand is expected to increase.
The Sumitomo Corporation Group has traditionally focused on the wide value of electric vehicles, and through this investment in electric bus manufacturers, has contributed to the creation of a society that is friendly to the global environment, with the aim of building an environmentally friendly recycling society. I will continue. (Note) Electricity cost performance: An indicator of how efficiently an electric vehicle uses electric power to travel

■ Company Profile
Company name: RAC Electric Vehicles Inc.
Head office location: Taoyuan, Taiwan
Employees: 125
Business description: Development, production and sales of electric buses
■ Electric bus made by RAC (photo)
[Image 1


[Image 2


■ Materiality of Sumitomo Corporation (Important Issues)
The Sumitomo Corporation Group positions “six materiality (material issues) for sustainable growth with society” as an important element in the formulation of business strategies and the decision-making process of individual businesses, and solves issues through business activities By doing so, we will strive for sustainable growth. This project particularly contributes to “coexistence with the global environment”, “contribution to regional and industrial development”, and “building a comfortable and exciting lifestyle”.
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