Bulk Om Co., Ltd. Enriching the journey of men! December 16 (Monday), released on December 16, 2019, skin care set for 5 days that can be carried not only for travel and business trips but also in daily life at gyms and saunas

Bulk Om Co., Ltd.
Enrich the journey of men! December 16 (Monday), released on December 16, 2019, skin care set for 5 days that can be carried not only for travel and business trips but also in daily life at gyms and saunas ……………………………………………………………………………………………
Men’s skincare brand “BULK HOMME” (hereinafter referred to as Bulk Om Management: Bulk Om Co., Ltd. CEO: Takuya Noguchi) “THE TRAVEL SET FOR FACECARE” can be carried to travel destinations such as travel and business trips. Will be released on Monday, December 16, 2019. [Image 1

“THE TRAVEL SET FOR FACECARE” is a set of face wash, lotion, and emulsion for about 5 days. You can easily carry it when you go out. You can always take care of your skin after exercising and sweating or when you are concerned about dirt on your skin.
■ Product information
To prepare the skin of travel destinations that tend to be disturbed by changes in the environment such as temperature, humidity, UV light, and dietary habits. A mini-size facial cleanser, lotion, and milky lotion are stored in the original pouch, making it a convenient travel set. Use it twice in the morning and evening for about 5 days. * 5 days is a guideline for use in the morning and evening with the single use recommended by Bulk Homme.
[Image 2

〇 Price: 2,200 yen (excluding tax)
○ Capacity: 20g facial cleanser, 40ml lotion, 20g milk, mini foaming net, dedicated pouch
〇 Release date: Monday, December 16, 2019
〇 Sales location: Official online store, Amazon official shop, Yahoo official shop, Rakuten official shop,
BULK HOMME handling stores such as variety shops and duty-free shops nationwide * Sales start time may vary depending on the store.
* Pre-order starts from November 14th Reservation reception URL: https://bulk.co.jp/lp?u=TRAVELKIT
■ Product Features
* Compact size
The facial cleanser, lotion, and emulsion are used in the morning and evening for about 5 days. Because it is a compact size that does not become luggage, it is recommended not only for travel, business trips, gym but also for a small gift
* When you carry it as baggage on an airplane, please follow the rules for carrying it in, and place the bottle and tube in a plastic bag with a zipper.
〇 Original pouch included
Comes with a pouch of original design that expresses the image of water in graphics. As the contents can be seen, it can be used as a small battery case such as a smartphone battery or earphones even after the skincare is used up.
■ Set details
* THE FACE WASH [face wash] 20g
A facial cleanser that provides the skin’s natural moisture and softness with a thick foam “fresh soap” that protects the barrier function of the skin while removing unnecessary sebum and dirt. 〇 THE TONER [Lotion] 40mL
Moisture and beauty ingredients are permeated into the stratum corneum at the same time to keep moisture constant and light. A
low-stimulation lotion that does not bleed even after shaving. * THE LOTION [milk] 20g
Keeps the moisture balance of the skin that tends to change for a long time. A proprietary formula that minimizes stickiness and weight and pursues a natural feel.
〇 Mini foaming net
A simple version of the 4-layer net made of the same material as THE BUBBLE NET, a popular item of Bulk Homme. Please use when foaming face wash.
Bulk Homme started its business in 2013 with the vision of “No. 1 global share in men’s skin care brand”. Pursuing the basics of men’s skin care, this brand provides new value to the skin of men around the world. In addition to the official online store, it is sold at more than 1000 retail stores and hair salons nationwide. In global expansion, we have expanded into China, South Korea and Hong Kong starting with Taiwan in 2017.
In addition, this year, “THE SHAMPOO” won the Grand Prix in the “Hair Product” category of “Cosmoprof Awards 2019” where 608 brands have entered the world.
■ Company Profile
Company name: BULK HOMME Co., Ltd.
Location: Yakura Building 7F, 3-26-18 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0002 Representative: Takuya Noguchi, Representative Director and CEO Established: May 19, 2017
April 2013 TSUMO / JP BULK HOMME Division was established.
In 2017, after business reorganization, started business as Bulk Om Co., Ltd. Capital: 90 million yen (as of October 2018)
Business: Planning and sales of cosmetics
URL: https://bulk.co.jp

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