Tonkachi Co., Ltd. ~ “Swedish wine” Japan’s first landing

Tonkachi Co., Ltd.
-Featured “Swedish wine” first landing in Japan-
Lisa Larson collaboration bottle as a release commemoration
Sweden is rapidly attracting attention as a new wine region. Originally Lisa Larson and TONKACHI Co., Ltd., which has a strong connection with Sweden, will start selling high-quality wine from the Swedish winery that has a proven track record in Japan for the first time in early January. URL:
■ Swedish wine gaining attention
Sweden, which has been called a barren wine, has recently evolved in brewing technology and improved grape varieties.
Due to the impact of good and climate change, the number of wineries continues to increase year by year, making it a famous wine region It is rapidly developing and attracting attention from all over the world. I would like Japanese people to thoroughly enjoy the sparkling Swedish wine. That
TONKACHI Co., Ltd. for the first time in Japan “Sweden”
Wine “will be sold. Please enjoy it as a new wave in the traditional wine world.
■ Up-and-coming winery “KULLABERGS VINGARD”
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“We produce world-class wines that are world-class in Kraberg’s vineyards, and we study wine every day so that Sweden can be on the world wine list,” says Victor Dahl, CEO. Felix continues to explore the insatiable charm of manufacturing. These two young people are at the forefront of manufacturing.
In Sweden, a vast land area of ​​100,000 square meters at the foot of the Kurabeli Peninsula, northwest of Skane, suitable for grape production, is set up as a vineyard. The planting of the soil. Select high quality grapes that grow well even in cold regions such as “Sauvigne Gris, Solaris, Muscaris, Madeleine Anjovine”, etc. doing. * What is the Skane district?
The third largest city after Stockholm and Gothenburg. The region is rich in nature, has mountains and coasts on the west, and has many attractions such as ancient castles. It is a popular spot with many people who own a summer house to spend as a winter resort during the summer.
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Taste with fragrant and beautiful harmony
Won the Gold Award at the 2017 International PIWI Wine Awards. Immelen 2017 (750ml) ¥ 8,000 (excluding tax)
Origin Sweden
Producer name Claveris Vingode
A full-bodied white wine that is picked from the best location in the field from the end of September to the beginning of October. Using grapes.
Two-thirds of this wine is fermented in oak barrels, and the remaining one-third in steel barrels.
A young wine is ripened for 8 months with a good taste and blended to maximize complexity
A variety of fragrances, from the rich fragrance of fruits and flowers, like bread and hazelnuts
Fragrance and aroma of oak and toast gently spread in the mouth. Fruity aroma and sharp throat
Lyckeri 2018 (750ml) ¥ 5,000 (excluding tax)
Origin Sweden
Producer name Claveris Vingode
A dry white wine that blends 2017 and 2018 vintages.
To make the wine very complex and nuanced, the grapes are carefully harvested from the end of September to the beginning of October using grapes picked from various sections of the field and carefully fermented in small barrels. It has a refreshing taste with a pleasant taste like tropical fruits such as pineapple.
■ Limited bottle sales to commemorate the first landing in Japan and Lisa Larson 88 years old
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As well as the first landing of Swedish wine, special label bottles will be pre-sold to commemorate the 88-year-old rice life of Lisa Larson, a Swedish potter.
The label features familiar characters such as the mickey and lion in Japan, creating a cute and warm design.
A perfect bottle for New Year’s holidays and gifts. Have a special time Please spend this wine together.

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