New Saga Strawberry Brand “Strawberry”, which debuted last year, is now available in the prefecture!

Saga Prefecture
New Saga Strawberry Brand “Strawberry”, which debuted last year, is now available in the prefecture!
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The second year of the new strawberry brand “Ichigo-san” debuted last year from Saga Prefecture has begun. Saga City’s Saga Fukankan Koraku direct sales headquarters will start selling today (Friday, November 15) after “Iiichigo (1115)” and will be sold for 1,530 yen (tax included) per pack it was done.
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“Ichigo-san” producer Otsuji Hirakawa (72 years old) from Mise Village, Saga City, said, “Last year, the unit price and yield were good, and the reputation of customers was good. “I want to become a strawberry loved by consumers that people who have eaten can say that it is delicious.” Did.
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Saga Prefecture, JA Group Saga, and producers come together to aim for a V-shaped recovery of strawberry production in the prefecture, which is shrinking due to competition with other domestic varieties and aging of producers, etc. Developed a new variety “Saga i9” from about 15,000 test strains over the development period of 7 years, and made its market debut as “Strawberry” on November 15 last year.
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“Ichigo-san” produced in 2018 was cultivated in an area of ​​18 hectares with 166 producers in the prefecture, and the shipment volume was 821 tons. The first sale in Saga is 1,530 yen per pack, the first shipment in Tokyo is 15,300 yen, 153,000 yen in Osaka, and it will be auctioned off at the price of 153, the name of “Ichigo-san”. I debuted.
Production in 2019, the second year, is 425 producers (total 738 units, 57.6%), 63.6 hectares (total 135.5 hectares, 46.9%), and is expected to ship approximately 3,000 tons (JA) Group Saga survey), and will begin full-scale shipment to large metropolitan areas such as the Tokyo metropolitan area.
About Ichigo
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A new strawberry born in Saga Prefecture that debuted for the first time in 20 years since “Sahonoka” in the fall of 2018. This is a confident work selected from 15,000 shares over a 7-year development period, with the prefecture, JA and producers working together. Hoping to become a strawberry that has been loved for a long time, I gave it a name that is both easy to call and easy to remember. It is characterized by its beautiful color and shape, gorgeous and gentle sweetness, and freshness of fruit juice.

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