Daiwa House Industry Co., Ltd. Completed Sakai Inter Logistics Center with full floor (Newsletter)

Daiwa House Industry Co., Ltd.
Completion of Sakai Inter Logistics Center with full floor (newsletter)
■ New logistics facility in Sakai City, Chiba Prefecture
Daiwa House Group’s Daiwa Logistics Co., Ltd. (Head office: Osaka City, President: Isao Ogata) opened a logistics facility “Sakai Inter Logistics Center” (hereinafter “Main Center”) in Sakai City, Chiba Prefecture on October 31, 2019. We will inform you that the
construction has been completed and has been in operation since November 1, 2019.
[Image 1

1. Features of Sakai Inter Logistics Center
■ Facility specifications
This center is a logistics facility boasting 4 floors above ground and a total floor area of ​​14,489.99 square meters (approximately 4,383 tsubo).
Floor load 1.5t / sqm to 2.0t / sqm, effective height under beam ceiling of 5.0m to 5.5m, can handle a wide variety of cargo including heavy objects, cargo elevator and vertical conveyor To achieve efficient logistics operations.
In addition, the entire building uses LED lighting, giving
consideration to the environment.
■ Location
This center is excellent as a wide-area delivery base along Route 16 about 560 meters from the “Kashiwa Interchange” on the Joban Expressway that connects Kanto and Tohoku.
In addition, the Tobu Railway Noda Line “Canal Station” is about 2.3 km away, and Tsukuba Express “Satanaka Station” is about 2.4 km away. [Image 2

[Wide area map]
2. Future management
This center was completed with full floors thanks to inquiries from multiple companies from the development stage. It operates as a DC (distribution center) * for multiple shipper companies. In addition, the Company’s Sakai sales office will be relocated to the center to improve operational efficiency.
The former Sakai Sales Office (Noda City, Chiba) will be renamed Noda Branch Office and will continue to operate.
* DC (Distribution Center): A distribution center whose main purpose is inventory and storage of products.
3. About logistics facility development
The Company operates 93 logistics facilities (including logistics real estate) with a total floor area of ​​more than 260,000 tsubo nationwide (as of September 30, 2019). We have developed three logistics facilities with a total area of ​​approximately 15,000 tsubo. In fiscal 2020, we plan to develop 5 logistics facilities at approximately 26,000 tsubo.
In the future, we will continue to accelerate our business development centering on the development of logistics facilities suitable for customer needs.
4). Equipment outline
[Image 3


■ Distribution Center URL:
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