Iwatani Corporation Online limited 9-color model! ! “Cassette Fu Marvelous II” will be released on December 2nd! !

Iwatani Corporation
Online limited 9-color model! ! “Cassette Fu Marvelous II” will be released on December 2nd! !
Iwatani Corporation 90th anniversary limited model
Iwatani Sangyo Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Osaka / Tokyo, President: Mitsuhiro Tanimoto, Capital: 20 billion yen) is a cassette that allows you to enjoy cooking smartly outdoors and indoors to commemorate the 90th anniversary of its founding in May 2020. B The limited edition 9 colors of “Cassette Fu Marvelous II” will be on sale from December 2 at our online shop “Iwatania I Collect”. The suggested retail price is 22,000 yen (tax included).
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“Cassette Fu Marvelous” has been convenient since it was first released in 2009. Thanks to its stylish design and wind-resistant performance, we have received a lot of support from people who enjoy the outdoors in a fashionable manner, including glamping.
Based on the current model “Cassette Marvelous II”, this product will be sold as a limited edition with nine color variations to commemorate the 90th anniversary of our founding.

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◆ Suggested retail price
22,000 yen (tax included)
◆ Functions / Features
1. 9 colorful developments commemorating the 90th anniversary 2. Cassette stove for indoor / outdoor use with “handle” and “top cover” for carrying
3. The openable “top cover” can be stored even in a small space. 4. Strong support for windy outdoor dishes with the “top cover” and “wind shield ring” W windshield
5. Equipped with “porous burner” that is strong against wind and stable from 282 flame outlets
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Camping fashionable with a pop pink color!
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Energetic energy charge from morning with vibrant blue color!
◆ Sales method
Mail order limited by Iwatani Group online shop “Iwatania I Collect”! ! Https://www.iwatani-i-collect.com/marvelous90/ (December 2, 12:00 pm on sale!)
◆ Product lineup
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◆ Model: CB-MVS-2
◆ Size
Storing time: Width 38.0 x Depth 32.9 x Height 11.0 cm
When using: Width 38.0 x Depth 32.9 x Height 32.4 cm
◆ Body weight: About 2.8kg
◆ Maximum calorific value: 3.5kW (3,000kcal / h)
◆ Gas used: Iwatani cassette gas
◆ Continuous combustion time: About 70 minutes when using Iwatani cassette gas * 1
◆ Gas consumption: Approximately 254 g / h * 2
◆ Safety device: Pressure sensing safety device, etc.
◆ Material:
Body / Top cover: Steel plate (powder coating)
Top plate: Steel plate (heat resistant coating)
Everything: Stainless
Burner: Steel plate (nickel plating) + stainless steel
Instrument knob: Heat-resistant ABS resin
* 1 Measured value until exhaustion of Iwatani cassette gas by continuous high-fire combustion when the temperature is 20-25 ° C * 2 When the temperature is 20-25 ° C, the gas consumption for 30 minutes is converted to 1 hour.

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