RevComm Co., Ltd. RevComm, which provides AI-equipped IP phone “MiiTel”, won the Grand Prize at TechCrunch Tokyo 2019 pitch contest!

RevComm Inc.
RevComm, which provides AI-equipped IP phone “MiiTel”, won the Grand Prize at TechCrunch Tokyo 2019 pitch contest!
-Selected from 130 selected startups around the world-
RevComm Co., Ltd. (headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, representative director: Takeshi Hamada, hereinafter referred to as “RevComm”), which provides “MiiTel” to visualize business talks with AI, is a Shibuya Hikarie for two days from November 14 to 15, 2019. In the final round of “Startup Battle” of “TechCrunch Tokyo 2019” held in the hall, we won the best award from the 20 companies that participated.
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■ Largest startup company event
In the “TechCrunch Tokyo 2019 Startup Battle” where startup companies under 3 years of age compete in their respective business plans, this year there were about 130 companies, the highest number ever, and 20 companies that passed the document review both in Japan and overseas. Presentations were made to investors, entrepreneurs and businessmen. At the same event, we announced the concept of AI-equipped IP phone service “MiiTel”, the world view we wanted to realize, our strategy, and our vision. The product has accumulated 3.5 million calls in one year and is used by 2,000 users.
In recognition of its completeness as a business, future prospects and future prospects, it received several sub-prize, including a superb first prize.
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■ Comments on the award
Mr. Yurimoto, a judge, commented, “(Aida, our representative) was confident, gave a good presentation, had a very high level of business completion, and the award was almost unanimous.” .
In addition, our representative Aida said about the award: “We are doing business for the people of the world. In order to create a useful system for the world, we have a wonderful base of about 30 people and a customer base in just two years since our establishment. I am thankful that I met many stakeholders, including over 2,000 users, and we are aiming for an enterprise value of 1 trillion yen by 2020. I think we need the support of the people at the venue, etc. We will continue to do business with a passionate passion, and we look forward to your support. ”
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First, please take a look at this.
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* Excerpt from the pitch video of the day
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■ MiiTel points
Visualization of conversation
Learn high-performance talk techniques “listening” and “watching” Excerpts of talks that have been concluded can be issued and shared with the team
Easy integration with CRM tools such as Salesforce
Call to clients with one click
Reduced hardware costs by eliminating the need for a phone
Reduced educational costs by reviewing conversations
Productivity improvement as a self-coaching tool
No initial cost, available from 5,980 yen / ID, 1 ID per month In the introduction company, it has escaped personal business. ・ Appoint close rate increased by 60%, that is, profit increased ・ Home appliance man-hours, telephone traffic, and education costs will decrease netROI 500% or more has been achieved.
■ Voice of the introducing company
“MiiTel is a very good service. It ’s no exaggeration to say that our growth is thanks to MiiTel.”
“If you are asked about recommended tools related to IS, I will say MiiTel in my heart”
“Evening 30 minutes in the evening, we will have a meeting to look back on the talks of the top performers, and the results are coming out.”
We will continue to make efforts to provide good services for all of you.
■ About RevComm
With the mission of creating a new way of communication and bringing change to the world, we aim to be a pre-former with VOICE x AI. Cloud IP phone “MiiTel” with voice recognition AI is offered. This is a solution that makes it possible to visualize what “how” and “how” are spoken by voice analysis of telephone business / sales and customer service that have been difficult to visualize.
Request documents at “MiiTel”.
■ Company Profile
Company name: RevComm
Representative: Takeshi Hamada, Representative Director
Established: July 7, 2017
Location: 2nd floor, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0002

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