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  • Com Design Lab Co., Ltd. “Hyuga Hebesu” is characterized by its elegant fragrance, beautiful cross-section and plump acidity. A bridal gift that is a “daughter in a box” featuring the phantom citrus “Hebes” appears.

Com Design Lab Co., Ltd. “Hyuga Hebesu” is characterized by its elegant fragrance, beautiful cross-section and plump acidity. A bridal gift that is a “daughter in a box” featuring the phantom citrus “Hebes” appears.

Com Design Lab Inc.
“Hyuga Hebesu” is characterized by its elegant fragrance, beautiful cross-section and plump acidity. A bridal gift that is a “daughter in a box” featuring the phantom citrus “Hebes” appears.
“Halle’s Day brand” debuting at the end of November 2019
A fruity jam and a fragrant pound cake made with a generous amount of phantom citrus “Heves” from Hyuga City, Miyazaki Prefecture, made its debut at the end of November 2019 as a bridal gift with a “boxed daughter” look. .
The sales / developer is K & Co., A Hebes brand company established in September 2019 as the only general agent in Japan.
The first Ambassador of Hebeth, who has been promoting and spreading the appeal of Hebeth for 10 years, was established to promote Hebeth. Com Design Lab Co., Ltd. (Location: Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture, Representative: Jun Takagi) was in charge of the naming, design and branding of “Hyuga Hebes”.
[Image 1


Hyuga Hebes brand logo
■ What is the phantom citrus “Hyuga Hebesu”
[Image 2


Hinata Hebez Photos
“Heves” from Hyuga City, Miyazaki Prefecture, which goes well with any dish. It is a fruit of “Perfume and Citrus” similar to Kabos Yasudachi. Heves is thinner than other citrus citrus fruits and contains plenty of juice. Taste that feels gentle sweetness peculiar to citrus fruits in a deep and deep acidity.
It is fragrant and has few seeds, so it has a beautiful cross-section and is used in luxury restaurants and Japanese restaurants.

■ Herve’s “wedding customs” in Hyuga city
[Image 3


Hebes with her marriage customs
In Hyuga City, there was a custom of handing over a Hessian seedling to a marriage. Therefore, it is said that a heavy tree was always planted in the garden of a house in Hyuga City. In other words, for local people, Hebeth is not “buy” but “planted in the garden”. Therefore, it is thought that it was not actively distributed throughout the country. There is also a strong demand from top-class chefs that they want to use Hyuga’s Hebes, and now the number of farmers is increasing little by little.
■ Rare “ripe heves” that are not generally distributed
[Image 4


Yellow ripe hebe
Perfumed citrus fruits such as Kabosu Yasudachi and Shikuwasa are generally distributed in “early harvested” harvested in a dark green state. In the industry, it is a common sense for farmers to say that “you can’t sell anything if it’s green,” but Hyuga Heves also sells ripe yellow bees.
The yellow ripe beef, which has been realized with the cooperation of farmers, has a fresh aroma, a mild acidity, a sweet taste and a slightly different taste. There are also processed products such as pound cakes and jams that take advantage of the fragrance and sweet and sourness peculiar to ripe heve.
■ Pound cake, ponzu and jam using Hyuga Hebes debut
[Image 5


Branding design is in charge at Com Design Lab
Heves is distributed from summer to autumn. Of course, raw fruits are also sold, but this time, the processed products using Hebes, centered on the “Hebes products” developed by Takako Kawahashi, the first Ambassador to Hebes. Launched in a package suitable for bridal gifts. It will debut as a bridal gift against the backdrop of the story of “sunny citrus” that was a bride and groom custom transmitted to Hyuga City.
■ Product details
[Image 6


Hyuga Hebes pound cake + Hyuga Hebes jam 2 pieces
Hyuga Hebes pound cake + Hyuga Hebes jam 2 pieces (3,456 yen including tax) A refreshing pound cake with a luxurious ripe bean. Rich and moist dough with plenty of Hokkaido butter, it has a refreshing and elegant aroma and acidity.
There are two types of jams: a fragrant, sweet and sour green vegetation and a yellow vine that lets you enjoy the refined sweetness of a fully ripe vine.

[Image 7


Hyuga Hebepon + Hyuga Hebe Syrup Set
Hyuga Hebepon + Hyuga Hebe Syrup Set
(¥ 2,700 including tax)
Premium “Hebespon vinegar”, which uses 54% of Hyuga Heves natural juice. The refreshing fragrance and gentle acidity of Hebes are excellent for various dishes. Set with “Hebes syrup” to enjoy with liquor and soda.

Other products
Hyuga Hebepon (1,620 yen) / Hyuga Hebesu syrup (1,080 yen) / Hyuga Hebesu Jam 2 pieces (1,512 yen) /
Hyuga Hebes Jam 3 pieces (2,376 yen) / Hyuga Hebes pound cake (1,944 yen) / Commercial / Hyuga Hebei (1kg JPY1296 ~)
* Green heves are sold from mid-August to late October, and yellow ripe heves are sold from early November to late January.
* All prices include tax.
■ About Hebes brand company “K & Co.”
[Image 8


The only general agent in Japan, K & Co.
Established to spread the appeal of “Hebes”, which is not yet known nationwide, even though it is natural in Hyuga City, it is the only “Hebes General Agent” in Japan. We provide branding and recipes for “Hyuga Hebes”, online shop management, and provision of photo materials.
Ambassador Miyazaki Ambassador of Hyuga / Takako Kawahashi (left) Born in Hyozai-cho, Nobeoka City, Miyazaki Prefecture. Growing up in an environment where Hebetsu is natural since childhood. In 2008, he began research on processed Hebes. In 2009, he presented Hebesponzu vinegar directly to Hideo Togunihara (former governor of Miyazaki Prefecture). In 2011, he was appointed as the first Ambassador of Hyuga to be part of the 60th anniversary of the Hyuga City System. Later, he was appointed as “Miyazaki Ambassador” in Miyazaki Prefecture.
K & Co. Representative Director / Shinichiro Kawahashi (right) Representative of K & Co. Born in Toyonaka City, Osaka Prefecture, graduated from the Department of Business Administration, Faculty of Business Information, Koshien University. Established “K & Co., Ltd.” in 2019 after having married to the first Ambassador Hebeko Takoko.
■ Com Design Lab is in charge of branding and design for Hyuga Hebes [Image 9


Com Design Lab, which handles branding nationwide, is in charge of branding and design.
Com Design Lab was in charge of branding and design in general, including naming and logo design for “Hyuga Hebes”. Naming changed from “Hyuga Kunimiyazaki” and the original “Hyuga City” to “Hyuga Hebesu” and created a logo. We designed product packaging, bridal gift wrapping, original swordfish, and websites. The logo mark is based on a boxed vegetation motif. In addition to selling raw foods so far, we will focus on processed products and bridal gift packages in the future. By providing this logo to Hebeth producers and processed product manufacturers, we aim to raise awareness of “Hyuga Hebetsu”.

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