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  • Comsquare Inc. Launched the latest version “PATROLCLARICE (R) Ver.3.14.0” with the addition of Azure monitoring and enhanced multi-cloud monitoring.

Comsquare Inc. Launched the latest version “PATROLCLARICE (R) Ver.3.14.0” with the addition of Azure monitoring and enhanced multi-cloud monitoring.

Comsquare Inc.
Launched the latest version of Patrol Clarice (PATROLCLARICE (R) Ver.3.14.0) with enhanced Azure monitoring and multi-cloud monitoring.
Comsquare Co., Ltd. (Chuo-ku, Tokyo, President and CEO: Atsushi Kamijo, Comsquare) will begin providing Patrol Claris Ver.3.14, an integrated monitoring software for servers and network devices, on December 3.
In recent years, IT systems tend to become more complex in IT systems, such as the use of multiple public clouds and the mix of on-premises depending on usage, and operations are required to reduce costs and improve time efficiency. The
In the latest version of Patrol Claris, by adding the “Azure monitoring” function, it becomes possible to improve the efficiency of monitoring operations of “AWS” and “Azure”, which are the top two companies in the public cloud.
In the latest version, Patrol Clarice is used as a platform for commercial monitoring services. Reflecting requests from data center operators and MSP operators, support for overlapping IP addresses to be monitored ( Multi-IP address compatible) has been realized. Previously, when registering a monitoring target, it was necessary to convert the IP address using NAT, etc. to make it unique, but by dividing the monitoring engine (control IP), registering the overlapping monitoring target IP address Is now possible.
As a result, the monitoring service start period for end users can be greatly shortened.
■ Major additions to the new version
● Azure monitoring
You can monitor metrics for various services from Azure Monitor and monitor logs acquired from Azure Log Analytics.

・ Retain monitoring results for 5 years
・ Centralized monitoring of Azure services
-Easy log monitoring setting for Azure Log Analytics
[Image 1


SNMP interface monitoring
Regardless of the number of ports of the monitored device, it is possible to monitor “number of received bytes”, “number of transmitted bytes”, “change of port status”, “packet error rate”, and “packet discard rate” for all interfaces. The
● Multi-IP address support
By distributing the control IP, the same IP address can be registered if the control IP is different.
[Image 2


■ Sales / Shipment Schedule
Product version, OVA version: December 3, 2019-
Updater version: December 23, 2019-
■ End of support for Ver.3.9.x
As a result of this version, technical support for the existing version 3.9.x will end at the end of the month (June 2020), six months after the release of this version (*). However, you can continue to use the service if the license key is valid.
* Supported version is up to 3 generations including the latest version. Information on upgrading to existing systems is provided by our full-time sales staff, technical support, partner (our agency), and dealer. Please contact us for technical support for a fee. We will continue to evolve Patrol Claris as innovative integrated monitoring software that can contribute to efficiency and cost reduction in your system operations.
■ Provision of updater
The updater will be available on December 23rd.
You can download it from “Information on version upgrade” by logging in from “To customers who have a contract with our product / service” in our product site (https://patrolclarice.jp/). The You can also check how to apply the updater here. If for any reason you cannot obtain the updater, please contact a dedicated sales representative, technical support desk, partner (our agency), or dealer.
Sales Inquiries: Network Solution Division
Tokyo Head Office
Ginza Fujiya Building 4F, 1-3-1 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0061 TEL : 03-4455-1040 FAX : 03-4455-1011
Osaka / Umeda Office
LUCID SQUARE UMEDA 6F, 2-7-18 Shibata, Kita-ku, Osaka 530-0012 TEL: 06-6374-2226 FAX: 06-6374-2227
Public relations-related inquiries
TEL : 03-4455-1010 FAX : 03-4455-1011

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