Carstay Co., Ltd. Carstay and countryside backpacker, first domestic mid- and long-term stay “living” park ing lot “Ban Life Station” opened in Noto

Carstay Co., Ltd.
Carstay and countryside backpacker, first domestic mid- and long-term stay “living” parking lot “Ban Life Station” opened in Noto
-Simultaneous opening of multi-purpose “country backpacker house” including “movable production” space that combines automobile and real estate, share house office and coworking space-
Ima Nakagawa, who moved from Kamakura City, Kanagawa Prefecture, to Iwaka, Anamizu-cho, Ishikawa Prefecture, is a multi-purpose and multi-purpose company such as a share house, a shared office, and a coworking space. The house “Countryside Backpacker House (Location: Kawajiri, Anamizu-cho, Kusu-gun, Ishikawa Prefecture)” will be opened. At the same time, together with Carstay Co., Ltd. (headquarters: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, representative director: Yuki Miyashita), which develops the “Banlife” platform business, such as a vehicle-sharing vehicle sharing service including car-staying spaces and campers, We will open “Banlife Station”, the first “measurable” private parking lot in the “Rural Backpacker House” facility.
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Users of “Banlife Station” are mainly based on a box-shaped car “Ban”, and they work for “Banlifer” who lives “Life” and “Banlife” while working and traveling. In the “packer house” parking lot, you can dock your car as a room in the house as a room, and co-working space in the “country backpacker house” house, living room, kitchen, bathroom, field, Wi-Fi, PC monitor, etc. The required space and facilities can be shared. The coworking space can also be used by sharehouse / office users and local people.
“Banlife Station” can be used for 22,000 yen for 15 days to less than 30 days, 12,000 yen for more than 7 days to less than 15 days, and 7,000 yen for 7 days, including some utilities.
Those who wish to use “Rural Backpacker House” including “Banlife Station” fill out the necessary information from the blog “Rural Backpacker (” and apply for the video. Interview via message. We will welcome people who mainly have work and have future goals and visions.
Rural backpackers share car parking services and vacant lots all over the country as car stays and tent night spots, and share them with travelers for a fee. Car share services specialize in cars with overnight stays such as campers. In cooperation with Carstay, which provides “Van Share” (scheduled to start in the fiscal year), it is possible to make reservations and make payments for “Ban Life Station” after the interview via the company’s car staying platform “Carstay”. [Image 2


In addition to the overnight spot in the car, in the future, the “Van Life Station” will be expanded nationwide to increase the number of “movable products” spaces where “movable” vehicles and “movable” vehicles are integrated. The company’s mission is to create a world where everyone can enjoy the world where they can spend time with their favorite people whenever they like.
Ikuba Nakagawa, a country backpacker, worked as a backpacker in the country / region of Japan for about two and a half years from the end of 2010 after working as a public relations company. In addition, Hiace was introduced as a “moving base” for travel. Based on the journey to the countryside and the experience of living there, it sends out information that overturns the traditional lifestyle and journey with physical experiences. Experience the need for a way of life that is not bound by conventional lifestyles and fixed concepts, incorporate the modern version of “moving settlement” as a mobile lifestyle, and include “Ban Life Station” as an option for future lifestyles We decided to open a multi-purpose and versatile base “Rural Backpacker House”. In Noto’s marginal villages, we aim to increase the number of people involved, with a variety of lifestyle backgrounds and local people coming and going to become homes where thriving exchanges are thriving.
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This time, Carstay and the countryside backpacker agreed to open the first base of “Banlife Station” because the approaches and ideas about “Banlife”, “Movable Product”, and “Mobile Settlement” matched. became. Until now, there are no facilities for “Banraifer” where you can stay in the medium-to-long term. There are only facilities for car travelers who can stay overnight in the car / nap, such as “Michi no Eki”, “Auto Campsite” and “RV Park”. did. In this regard, “Banglife Station” of “Country Backpacker House” can be used for medium and long term stays, and “Banlifer” can easily and easily use the
infrastructure facilities of “house” and register addresses. A next-generation lifestyle facility where you can experience living in the countryside and have a comfortable daily life.
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About Carstay Inc.
Carstay Co., Ltd. has a mission of “Stay Anywhere, Anytime / Create a world where everyone can spend time with their favorite people whenever they like”, and a new journey in the “MaaS (Mobility as a Service)” area. Is a startup that develops business with the theme of “VANLIFE”. In the future, we will design “comfortable movement” and “inspiring experience” that will be necessary for the arrival of 5G / autonomous driving society through the provision of “VANLIFE” platform. Founded in June 2018. (Https://
About countryside backpackers
“Country backpacker” Iku Nakagawa is centered on “travel” and “lifestyle” in the countryside, public relations, writer, blogger, web production, country experience, sales support for local produce, Medium- to long-term “Van Life Station” where you can stay overnight in the car, share house and office, co-working space, multi-purpose and multi-purpose “Rural Backpacker House” including rural life experience, etc. I am working on a business. After 10 years of public relations at small and medium-sized companies and global companies, in October 2010, I went on a backpacker trip mainly in the country / region of Japan to explore lifestyles outside the city. In 2012, Hiace introduced a “moving base” as a backpacker base. In May 2013, she moved from Kamakura City, Kanagawa Prefecture, to Iwasha, Anamizu-cho, an agricultural and fishing village with a population of about 120 people. Operates the blog “Country Backpacker”. Freelance / Individual business owner. Graduated from University of Oregon. Born in Kamakura City, Kanagawa Prefecture.

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