Actress Shinobu Terashima is decided as the final judge! “TSUTAYA CREATORS’ PROGRAM FILM 2019 ”finalists a nnounced

Actress Shinobu Terashima is decided as the final judge! “TSUTAYA CREATORS’ PROGRAM FILM 2019 ”Final Judgment Announcement
~ Finalists in each department totaling 8 people ~
December 12th of “TSUTAYA CREATORS ‘PROGRAM FILM 2019” (hereinafter referred to as TCP), a video planning and creator excavation program sponsored by Culture Entertainment Inc. (hereinafter referred to as C / E) and TSUTAYA Corporation (hereinafter referred to as TSUTAYA) We will announce that actress Shinobu Terashima will serve as the final judge at the final review meeting held on Thursday.
TSUTAYA CREATORS ’PROGRAM” official page: [Image 1

Shinobu Terashima (C) Shigendo (Vale.)
“TCP” is a program that was launched in 2015 for the purpose of discovering creators who create various entertainment contents, and comprehensively supporting rental and sales. We have also decided on 8 finalists, 2 in the script section and 3 in the supervisor section. Actress Shinobu Terashima, who will be the final judge of TCP2019, won the 27th Japan Academy Award for Best Actress in the movie “Akame Sakuhachi Eighteenth Heart” and Japan in the movie “Catapillar” For the first time in 35 years, he has been active in various works as a leading actress in Japan, such as winning the Silver Bear Award for Best Actress at the Berlin International Film Festival, one of the world’s three largest film festivals.
In addition to film producers such as Hideshi Abe, Shinji Ogawa and Osamu Kubota who are active at the forefront of the movie industry, Yoko Ide, a movie producer who continues to send hits to the world with a unique perspective of women. Will be the final judges. Actress Terashima Shinobu Profile
Born December 28, 1972, from Tokyo. My father is Kabuki actor Kikugoro Onoe, my mother is actress Junko Tomiji, and my brother is Kabuki actor Kinosuke Onoe. In 1989, debuted as a drama in the NHK drama “Tourist Traveler”. In 2010, he starred in the movie “Catapillar” and won the Silver Bear Award, the best actress at the 60th Berlin International Film Festival.
In 2019, two films, Yuko Hakoda “Blow in the Blue Hour” (2nd Jury Special Award) and Young Paul ’s “Ghost Master” (2nd Associate Grand Prix), were released to the theater. Theatrical release of director Kaneshige Shigeru and Akihiro Dobashi’s script “Flying on the Water” (3rd Jury Special Award) has been decided.
In “TCP2019”, “IMAGICA Lab. Co., Ltd.” and “Dolby Japan Co., Ltd.”, both of which have endorsed the efforts of TCP, have joined the official supporters, and in collaboration with the two companies, new “talents” will be created. We will excavate and produce.
Final judge (in alphabetical order, titles omitted)
Shuji Abe (Abe Shuji Office Co., Ltd. Representative Director Producer) Yoko Ide (Producer, Asmik Ace Co., Ltd.)
Shinji Ogawa (Bridgehead Co., Ltd. Representative Director Producer) Osamu Kubota (C & I Entertainment Inc. President and Producer) Shinobu Terashima (actress)
Kazuo Nakanishi (TSUTAYA Co., Ltd. President & COO, Culture
Entertainment Co., Ltd. President)
Muneaki Masuda (President and CEO, Culture Convenience Club Co., Ltd., Chairman and CEO, TSUTAYA Co., Ltd.)
■ Finalist finalist (plan name, name, profession, synopsis * in order of appearance, honorific title omitted)
・ Planning department
“Baka Dance (provisional)” / Miki Murakami (screenwriter)
“Ryota Tanaka, who has passed a superlative university and is convinced that he will win his life, chased the butt of the woman and joined the“ formation team ”, a regular team of the powerful social dance club. Tanaka, who is a strong power social dance, and a senior who wants to meet …, and enjoys the strictness of the practice of driving the mind and body to the limit and the rule of “no internal love”. “Why do these guys who promised their lives dance so far?” Tanaka begins to challenge the mystery of the Tokatsu group while becoming a board of sexual desire and the devilish charm of Forme. ” “Presentation of the Century (tentative)” / Yushin Arai (University student) “The story is Japan at the end of the 22nd century. The 14 men who were time-slipped one by one from the 8th to 21st centuries after the establishment of the“ Japan ”country name, It will be a presentation battle that conveys the goodness of each other and competes. While samurai and nobility gathered as representatives, politicians were chosen from the 21st century. ”
“▽ Sankaku-A woman put love together (provisional)” / Tomura Nomura (Planning and video production)
“At the end of the beloved man, the woman cut off his beloved one, and then escaped while concealed in her underwear, but then the one would stick to her. The woman would live with him as a man. The
protagonist’s conflict and pleasure from a woman to a man ”
・ Screenplay
“658km Yoko no Journey (provisional)” / Kosuke Muroi (video director) “Yoko Kusakabe (46), who had given up life and drove her days, knew that her father, who had been estranged for many years, had an accident and was serious. I wanted to see him, but he was hospitalized from Tokyo. I don’t have a friend or acquaintance to move to Aomori, so I’m going to hitchhiking, touching various people in the course of the journey, and making a small change in the feelings that have been closed. ”
“Previous Travel (Tentative)” / Natsuko Machida (Housewife)
“Yamaze’s couple, whose husband and wife’s relationship was about to collapse, went on a journey to look for his daughter’s previous wife in order to face the thoughts of a seven-year-old daughter who had a memory of the previous life. Draws a picture of the Yamase family waking up and hurting each other and waking up to the bonds of the family.
・ Supervision
“Young Ching’s Growth Diary (provisional)” / Jo Motoyo (Director of Video) “A story about a small and dramatic daily life from the age of mother evaporating at the age of 5 until Yongqing, who keeps her own growth diary, to become pregnant at the age of 17 and create a life.” “The Law of i (Tentative)” / Daioe Onoguchi (freelance video production) “One day, a certain thing makes me crazy, an odd genius economist meets a young woman who makes a living with aid, and begins to teach her economics to escape her poverty. It is a comedy drama that goes beyond the prejudice barrier and helps each other and synergistically improves not only the two but also the people around them. ” “Girl wearing a polka dot blouse (provisional)” / Kimihiro Hiroshi (film director / nursery)
“The 11-year-old girl was always afraid to fly her eyelashes.“ The girl who wants to be a girl ”was a boy’s body …. While experiencing the unique conflict and first love of adolescence, she grows up. ”I struggle with sudden changes in my body and tend to leave school. One morning, I tell my mom that I want to go to a gender clinic, and at school, a support team for girls is created.”
Summary of final review
Final judging meeting: Thursday, December 12, 2019
Venue: The Okura Tokyo (formerly Hotel Okura Tokyo)
Judging Method: Planning presentation in front of final judges
[Image 2

TSUTAYA CREATORS ‘PROGRAM (hereinafter referred to as “TCP”) has the ideas and hopes of movie fans and creators, such as “I do n’t know how to do it, but I do n’t know how to do it” It was a program that was launched for the purpose of shaping. TSUTAYA will back up the total production cost and production system in order to make award-winning works from among the projects recruited by both professionals and amateurs.
■ Official site:
■ Official twitter:
■ Planned market (TCPM) registration system established from TCP2019! What is a special market? (TCPM: TSUTAYA CREATORS ’PROGRAM MARKET) [Matching planners with producers and production companies]
In order to create a high-quality film project and a place where creators and film industry officials can match, the film project that has passed through the first screening at TCP2019 is posted on the closed site, and the film project market where everyone can
participate. “TSUTAYA CREATORS ‘PROGRAM MARKET (TCPM)” is newly opened.
■ TCP Official Supporter
・ IMAGICA Lab. Inc. (
Location: Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, President Katsumi Obayashi
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・ Dolby Japan Co., Ltd. (
Location: Chuo-ku, Tokyo, President Yukihiro Osawa
[Image 4


* Dolby, Dolby, and the double-D symbol are registered trademarks of Dolby Laboratories in the United States and / or other countries.

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