“Esthetic Pro Lab SHIBUYA” is born on the beauty floor of Shibuya Fuclas (Tokyu Plaza Shibuya), which opened on December 5th!

Prolab Holdings Co., Ltd.
“Esthetic Pro Lab SHIBUYA” is born on the beauty floor of Shibuya Fuclas (Tokyu Plaza Shibuya), which opened on December 5th!
EstheProLabo SHIBUYA
Prolab Holdings Co., Ltd. will open “Esthetic Pro Lab SHIBUYA” on the beauty floor of Shibuya Fuclas (Tokyu Plaza Shibuya), which opened on December 5th.
Shibuya Fuclas (Tokyu Plaza Shibuya), which is based on the concept of “mature adults in the urban group”, is directly connected to Shibuya Station, and the rooftop garden “SHIBU NIWA” is born, as well as Haneda and Narita airports. This is a hot spot, such as getting on a limousine bus, and opening a restaurant in Japan, “Ceravi”.
As one of the 69 stores that deliver “genuine and essential” carefully selected by Shibuya Fuclas (Tokyu Plaza Shibuya), Esthetic Pro Lab SHIBUYA is also a spot to propose genuine products and individual dietary habits and lifestyles I will be born.
The human body is made from what you eat.
Your worries may change just by changing your diet a little. Estepro Lab SHIBUYA will propose custom-made meal habits and lifestyles as the latest meal guidance counseling salon.
Please feel free to contact us.
[Image 1

[Open Memorial Special SET]
In commemoration of the opening of the esthetic pro lab SHIBUYA, we will sell a discount set of “β-glucan grand pro” and “women’s est grand pro” using “IT Hanabiratake”, the first Japanese superfood. Carefully selected products that will satisfy even adults who know the real thing of the urban group.
Limited to 30 sets. Please purchase as soon as possible.
■ β-Glucan Grand Pro
[Image 2

Focus on vitality that improves health levels.
Formulated with 1,125 mg (approximately 394 mg of β-glucan) * of “IT Hanabiratake” containing a high content of the active ingredient “β-glucan”. In addition, three types of carefully selected active ingredients, shiitake mycelium, swallow’s nest, and plant nano-type lactic acid bacteria are combined to approach health risks. It is a supplement that supports daily health.
* Contains about 394 mg of β-glucan in about 1,125 mg of “IT Hanabiratake”
■ Women’s Est Grand Pro
[Image 3

“Women’s Est Grand Pro” is a supplement for women that focuses on the rhythm and balance unique to women from their 30s.
Based on “Cobo Paste 125 Grand Pro”, which has received numerous evidences on beauty, “IT Hanabata Take” is a highly useful product for women whose scientific evidence has been proven through
industry-academia-government joint research.
“Women’s Est Grand Pro” is a blend of two ingredients with evidence that supports changing rhythms from the thirties and supports the “fluctuation” and beauty of health and mind.

[What esthetic pro lab SHIBUYA can do. ]
One of the attractions is that dietitians, supplements, and fasting guidance are available, with registered dietitians and specialist qualifications who have advanced knowledge and know-how related to inner beauty. We will make more advanced counseling by making full use of four measurements and analyzes related to professional internal beauty, and propose meal habits and lifestyles tailored to each individual.
1. Food risk analysis
2. Saccharification (AGEs) measurement
3. Capillary measurement
Four. Body composition measurement
Seven Esthetic Pro Lab Inner Beauty Salons are located throughout the country. We will educate the right knowledge about health and contribute to extending the healthy life expectancy of humanity through food education.
URL: https://innerbeautysalon.jp/
◆ EstheProLabo AOYAMA (Esthe Pro Lab Aoyama)
URL: https://innerbeautysalon.jp/
◆ EstheProLabo GINZA (Esthe Pro Lab Ginza)
URL: https://innerbeautysalon.jp/about/ginza.html
◆ EstheProLabo GINZA2 (Esthe Pro Lab Ginza 2 Yurakucho Marui) URL: https://innerbeautysalon.jp/about/ginza2.html
◆ EstheProLabo TENJIN (Esthe Pro Lab Tenjin in Tenjin Underground City) URL: https://esthepro-labo-tenjin.com/
◆ EstheProLabo YOKOHAMA (Esthe Pro Lab Yokohama Mosaic Mall Kohokuuchi) URL: https://esthepro-labo-yokohama.com/
◆ EstheProLabo NAMBA (Esthe Pro Lab Namba Edion Namba Main Store) URL: https://esthepro-labo-namba.com/
【Company Profile】
Prolab Holdings Co., Ltd.
Representative: Hiroyuki Sasaki
Location: 7F, 3-7-18 Mita, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Established: September 2002
Capital: 33 million yen
URL: www.esthepro-labo.com/

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