Brooks Brothers Japan Co., Ltd. Gifts for women and rewards for yourself at Brooks Brothers

Brooks Brothers Japan Co., Ltd.
Gifts for women and rewards for yourself at Brooks Brothers
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Brooks Brothers Official Website:
Have you found holiday gifts for loved ones or rewards for yourself? Brooks Brothers, an American brand with a thriving culture of holiday gifts, has long been a favorite of gentlemen and ladies for over two centuries since its establishment in 1818.
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Speaking of gifts that are pleased as gifts, “accessories”. Brooks Brothers offers a series of accessories with a beautiful bijou glitter that is perfect for adding glamor to your coordinates.
A brooch that can be attached as one point such as a stall or a dress, or a pierced earring that will shine even more when receiving light with a shaking type. It is also recommended for holiday parties such as necklaces that make the décolleté beautiful.
Necklace: ¥ 29,000 (excluding tax)
Earrings: ¥ 10,000 (excluding tax)
Brooch: ¥ 12,000 (excluding tax)
Bracelet: reference product
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The Brooks Brothers pajamas with a feminine flower print in hand-drawn style and the soft touch and shades of cashmere socks will be appreciated for yourself as well as a gift for an important person. Luxurious socks with comfortable and soft touch pajamas and cashmere enhance the holiday season relaxation time.
Pajamas: ¥ 16,000 (excluding tax)
Cashmere socks: ¥ 8,000 each (excluding tax)
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A Brooks Brothers muffler made from cashmere and a lambskin leather lambskin. Familiar with your hand as you wear it, the simple and basic leather glove that never gets tired is so warm with cashmere knit lining inside.
How about a high-quality muffler and glove that will keep you excited even during the cold season?
Cashmere scarf: ¥ 33,000 each (excluding tax)
Leather gloves: ¥ 22,000 each (excluding tax) * Green is a reference color [Image 5

The evening bag is made of shiny cotton velvet, and the rhinestone trimming is gorgeous. It can also be used as a clutch bag by removing the gold chain. The high heel pumps of the same material add rich luster, rhinestones, and a classic bow to your feet. Brooks Brothers bags and shoes that shine brightly in a holiday style are sure to play an active part in the party scene where friends and family gather. Point toe high heel pumps: ¥ 36,000 (excluding tax)
Evening bag: ¥ 36,000 (excluding tax)
Necklace: ¥ 29,000 (excluding tax)
If you are looking for a gift for a woman or a reward for yourself who worked hard this year, please drop in at a nearby Brooks Brothers store.
Brooks Brothers Japan TEL: 0120-185-718

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