Tonkachi Co., Ltd. Swedish wine “Claveris Vingod” x Lisa Larson limited wine is on sale!

Tonkachi Co., Ltd.
Swedish wine “Claveris Vingod” x Lisa Larson limited wine is on sale! ……………………………………………………………………………………………
Sweden, which is rapidly attracting attention as a new wine region, is the first landing in Japan!
TONKACHI Co., Ltd. will start pre-sale of high-quality wine from the Swedish winery “Claveris Vingod”, which has a proven track record in the competition, and will start selling and shipping in early December. URL:
Tonkachi Co., Ltd. produced the first Swedish wine landing in Japan. The next-generation winery “KULLABERGS VINGARD” (Claveris Vingord) is the driving force behind the “Swedish wine” that has been attracting worldwide attention as a new wine production area. Thanks to the collaboration wine with Lisa Larson, we received orders that exceeded our expectations as soon as we started booking.
If you are considering purchasing a limited bottle commemorating the first landing in Japan, which was originally produced in a small number of Swedish wines, don’t miss it.
In commemoration of the collaboration between Lisa Larson and Claveris Vingod, about the wine making process and wineries
We have opened a special site that has been introduced in detail. Please see the URL below.
[Image 1


TONKACHI STORE sells a set of Immelen and limited mickey wine bags! [Image 2


Named after the actual street name “himlen”, which means “heaven” in Swedish, this wine is a full-bodied white wine with a rich fruit and a rich flavor. Young wines are aged for 8 months with good quality ORI and blended to maximize complexity, so you can enjoy a variety of aromas such as richness and aroma. This is a wine that you can drink, so you can enjoy a luxurious time slowly. In addition, only for those who have purchased this special limited set, a “limited mickey wine bag” with a bottle of wine will follow!
[Image 3


The limited mickey wine bag is available in three colors: red, green and gray. Recommended for parties. As soon as possible because it is limited in quantity.
Price ¥ 11,000 (tax included)
Item Fruit wine
Contents 750ml
Alcohol content 14%
Production area Sweden
Producer Claveris Vingod
Importer Tonkachi Co., Ltd.

For more information about this release(Japanese):


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