ACT Co., Ltd. Morino canvas / 2019AW new work “CBC Series” series second release for working men

Act Corporation
Morino canvas / 2019AW new work “CBC Series” 2nd new release for working men Adult man’s bag series that fits into a simple & stylish business scene
The second installment of the new “CBC (Cool Business Casual) Series” made by Japanese-made “Morino Canvas” using the Morino canvas, which has the nickname of the strongest canvas, has been newly released by Act Corporation.
It develops with the concept of a legitimate business bag and the fusion of casual and business.
A4 file storage essential for business, as well as a lightweight, simple and stylish design that fits perfectly into the business scene. [Image 1

[Image 2

[Image 3

[SF-0583 2WAY business briefcase]
The A4 file, which is indispensable for business, is easy to store. It is very useful for business trips. Simple and stylish design fits perfectly into the business scene,
It is a sincere trap for adult business scenes. (Item page)

[Image 4

[Image 5

[SF-0584 2WAY business bag]
Because of the strength and hardness of the fabric, it is a product that Japanese craftsmen carefully sewn difficult stitches one by one. Inside the bag
Pockets are deployed in various places, and large zipper pockets can store documents, magazines, tablets, etc.
Is possible. A beautiful business bag that raises your important business scene. (item page)

[Image 6

[SF-0585 Slim 2WAY tote bag]
Despite its large capacity that can hold up to B4 files, it has a slim design and is not bulky.
I am familiar. The pockets in each part of the bag are also big size and can store various items such as magazines and plastic bottles. A bag that can be used both on and off. (item page)

[Morino Morino ■ I was impressed with this material and used it as a fabric for Morino canvas. Not only strength, but also light weight and unique fabric [Image 7


The texture of is popular.
Morino canvas, which is difficult to sew because it is a robust industrial product, is not suitable as a material for cocoons. Although it is a small amount by hand, the shape can be changed into a robust and beautiful bag. In addition, the shackle that is actually used on ships is the icon of Morino canvas after this fabric is used on ships.

[Image 8


[Image 9


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