Sanwa Supply Co., Ltd. Digital temperature / humidity meter for influenza and heat stroke measures released on December 3

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Sanwa Supply Co., Ltd.
Digital temperature / humidity meter for influenza / heatstroke measures released on December 3
Sanwa Supply Co., Ltd. (Head Office: 1-10-1, Tamachi Kita-ku, Okayama City, President and Representative Director Kazunori Yamada) “Sanwa Direct” is a digital website that informs you of the risk of influenza and heat stroke with indicators and buzzers. Released the
thermo-hygrometer “700-CHE001”.
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Digital thermo-hygrometer (heat stroke, influenza display, clock display, wall-mounted, high-performance sensor)
Model number: 700-CHE001 Sales price: 3,255 yen (excluding tax) Product page:
This product is a digital thermo-hygrometer that understands temperature and humidity. You can also display the current heat stroke / flu risk index.
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The caution and warning level of heat stroke is displayed in five levels: “Danger, Strict Caution, Warning, Caution, and Almost Safe” The display blinks when the danger area is exceeded, and a warning sound is given. And the attention and warning level of seasonal flu are displayed in three levels: “Warning / Caution / Almost Safe”. [Image 3


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The heat stroke risk index is displayed based on the WBGT value of “The value obtained from the temperature and humidity based on the heat stroke prevention guidelines in daily life” of the Japanese Society of Biometeorology. The influenza risk index is based on “absolute humidity” that indicates whether a virus is likely to survive. The sensor uses a high-quality sensor manufactured by Sensirion (Switzerland).
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The display can also display the time, and can be used as a digital clock with an alarm function.
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With a magnet attached to a flat magnetic metal surface, such as the side of a locker or refrigerator, on the back, it can be used in various places because it has a hook hole convenient for hanging on a wall and a stand that can be used upright.
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The size of this product is about W100 x D17 x H120mm, and the weight is about 143g (including batteries).

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