Japan official landing Electric clothing brand Vinmori, which is very popular in the US and Europe, has set up the first overseas distributor in Japan and is now in full swing!

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[Japan official landing] Electric clothing brand Vinmori, which is very popular in the US and Europe, has set up the first overseas distributor in Japan and is now in full swing!
Amazing energy-saving performance that is about 1/800 that of an electric heater, even though it was messy. Moreover, it is waterproof and can be washed.
Producers working hard in severe cold
Frozen cold storage and food factory all year round
Warehouses and factories that are too wide for heating
Ski area and skating rink
Mountain or sea without power
A new choice for everyone who works outside and enjoys outside [Image 1

The company’s philosophy is to make the most of the advantages of electric clothing, which can be called a “wearing stove”.
Vinmori, which handles the latest gadgets centered on electric clothing and air-conditioning clothing in the US, Europe, Japan, China, etc., will form the first overseas agency contract in Japan in October 2019 and will officially land in December 2019.
We are conducting in-house integrated technology development, product research, design, and production. We are considering the launch of various “wearing technologies” in Japan that are not limited to electric and air-conditioned clothing.
[Image 2

[Four specialties of Vinmori electric clothing]
1. Safety
Highly safe carbon heating fiber is coated with flame retardant resin. In addition, we use a heat-generating pack packaged with flame retardant fiber. The heat generation method uses the heat of friction generated by the vibration of carbon molecules called Brownian motion rather than the heat generated by electricity itself, and is safe because of the gentle heat generated by far infrared rays. In addition, we have eliminated concerns such as short circuits and electric leakage that can be expected in the case of electric clothing using heating wires.
Of course, in the unlikely event that it reaches a higher temperature than the set temperature, the temperature sensor automatically stops operation, and also has a comprehensive control mechanism that checks the normality of the temperature sensor and performs overall safety management, Quadruple safety measures are taken.
2. Energy saving, space saving, cost saving
[Image 3

Although it is originally an electric heating suit with low power consumption and high heating efficiency, the use of domestic high-efficiency carbon fiber makes it possible to generate heat with only a minute current that can cause molecular movement of carbon, and using a heating wire More power savings compared to existing products. A typical electric stove costs about 20-25 yen per hour, but the electricity cost of Vinmori electric heat suit is about 0.03 yen per hour. It is about 1/800 of an electric heater.
There is no need to wear a lot of layers because one piece is warm enough, so it is very energy-saving, space-saving, and cost-saving. The design is abundant and it is not an image like work clothes that are often found in electric clothes and air-conditioning clothes. Moreover, the temperature of full power is even higher than the theoretical maximum temperature of disposable body warmers. Even if it continues to operate at full power, it can run continuously for 7 hours with a 10000mAh mobile battery, and up to 13 hours if it is not full power. is. If a large capacity power bank is used, continuous operation time will be even longer.
3. Wash in a washing machine OK
[Image 4

All Vinmori electric clothing, including the built-in USB port, is waterproof. We have acquired the international certification IPX7, which indicates waterproofing ability. In the in-house water resistance test, it was safe to repeat washing more than 500 times. If you put it in the laundry net, it is very convenient to wash with other clothes in your home washing machine.
4. Patented size adjustment function
[Image 5

Vinmori electric clothing is equipped with 4 size zippers on both sides, which can be adjusted from S to 3L. It has been patented in Japan as a size adjustment function that can be mounted on clothes and can be worn by families and couples.
In the case of a company, it can be purchased in one lot without considering employee changes and individual body shapes.
(The type of size adjustment function and supported sizes vary depending on the product model and design)
Vinmori, which has already begun to be sold in some EC malls in Japan, will be expanded into major EC malls such as Rakuten in this official landing, expanding events such as event opening nationwide, Japanese support, etc. .
Also, from January 2020, we will focus on BtoB manufacturing for companies, and will be able to manufacture tailor-made electric clothing.
Easy-to-use original electric clothing suitable for the work contents can be introduced at a low price in small lots, even in industries where heating has been difficult until now, such as security, warehousing, agriculture, forestry and livestock, transportation, and factories.
The design can be freely customized because it is made from paper pattern, and it is possible to create small-sized electric jackets in small circles not only for companies but also for university circles and sports teams.
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Vinmori website:
https://www.vinmori.com (The Japanese version will open in late January) [Contact]
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