Neonatural Co., Ltd. Organic cosmetics brand attracting attention from the entertainment world ☆ Nature Miki skin care “Natures for” newly released

Neonatural Inc.
Organic cosmetics brand attracting attention from the entertainment world ☆ Natures skincare “Natures for” newly released
Birth of a new era of organic cosmetics aiming for the next beauty ……………………………………………………………………………………………
Domestic Organic Skin Care Company Neo Natural (Headquarters: Showa-ku, Nagoya City, Representative: Masahiro Takayanagi), on December 3 (Tuesday), launched a new organic skin care “Natures for” with the theme of “Nikemi” Released. Prior to that, on November 19th, a new work presentation was held in Daikanyama, Tokyo. A celebrity came to the event and realized the high level of attention from various fields.
[Image 1

A venue in Daikanyama, Tokyo, with the image of “Nikimi”.
[Image 2

Visitors enjoying a touch-up.
[Image 3

Natures for lineup.
[Image 4

All three presentations are fully booked each time.
■ Celebrities also come to visit one after another. A new sense of organic skin care that attracts a great deal of interest
Organic skincare “Natures for”, which was newly released on December 3 (Tuesday), is not a skincare that has a temporary beauty effect or that simply contains organic ingredients. A new skin care brand that focuses on the structure of the skin and aims to support essentially healthy skin for 10 to 20 years. On the day of the new release, there were more than 300 visitors who were familiar with beauty, and some of the celebrities such as famous models and talents were seen, indicating the high level of attention from various industries. All three presentations are fully booked each time. In addition to the product introduction, we introduce not only the appearance that can be obtained by using “Natures for”, but also the beauty standards unique to NeoNatural, such as beauty to the inside = “rooting beauty”. The state of the day became a hot topic on SNS. You can see the pattern from the Neo Natural Official Instagram.
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Many Instagrammers also visited.
[Neo Natural Official Instagram]
[Also available at #naturesfor]
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From cleansing to makeup.
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A simple lotion “Healing Lotion” made from only 9 types of plant extracts, including our own organic farm-made loofah water that has been aged for 12 months
■ What is “Natures for”?
“Natures for” is a skin care product that is based on the fundamental structure of skin. Focusing on the function of the skin resident bacteria group “Skin Flora (R)” which is the key to healthyness, we have developed over 25 years of experience exploring the compatibility between skin and natural materials. No chemical components that inhibit the work of good bacteria. We mainly use traditional materials that have kept the skin of women healthy for a long time, and some natural materials are made from soil-making at our own organic farm. Furthermore, in collaboration with the Faculty of Applied Biological Sciences, Gifu University, we are working on further research on natural materials that make use of skin flora.
Also, not only beauty effects and comfort, but also a comfortable fit when holding a bottle, economy that does not become a burden to continue for a long time, environmentally friendly design from production to after use, etc. This is an organic skin care series with an unprecedented concept, considering the future.
* “Skin Flora” is a registered trademark (Registration No. 5782870) of Neo Natural Co., Ltd.
■ Sales
・ Neonatural direct sales site (main store, Rakuten Ichiba store) December 3 (Tue) 10:00 am
・ Sequential release at approximately 300 stores nationwide including Tokyu Hands, Loft, and Aeon
■ Sales and sales points expected
From December 2019 to April 2020 ¥ 350 million (approx. 120,000 items)
■ Product site
■ Development Blog
■ Company Profile
(1) Corporate name Neo Natural Co., Ltd. (2) Representative Masahiro Takayanagi, Representative Director (3) Head office location 4-46 Motomiya-cho, Showa-ku, Nagoya 466-0851, Japan (4) Date of establishment June 21, 1965
(5) Capital 10 million yen
(6) Main business activities: Organic cosmetics, natural cosmetics, daily necessities manufacturing and sales,
Production of cosmetic ingredients and organic food, operation of experience farm
Direct sales site
Rakuten Ichiba store Mother bag organic farm

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