STRIAL Co., Ltd. To commemorate the release of CALATASWHILEAR TOOTH PASTE, the first CALPAS POP UP STORE is opened in Laforet Harajuku.

Strial Co., Ltd.
In commemoration of the launch of CALATASWHILEAR TOOTH PASTE, the first CALPAS POP UP STORE was opened in Laforet Harajuku.
“CALATAS WHILEAR” 2nd long-awaited
To transparent white teeth that change every impression. Whitening tooth care proposed by CALATAS WHILEAR appears.
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In commemoration of the launch of CALATAS WHILEAR TOOTH PASTE, a pop-up shop will be opened at the entrance of the first floor of Laforet Harajuku for one week from Friday, December 6th. TOOTH PASTE products will be released in a limited quantity and will be sold in a lineup of other products such as CALATAS. You will receive a limited novelty (original pouch) for purchases over 4,000 yen (excluding tax). [6 points for tooth care]
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[Effective for bad breath and bad stickiness …! ! Furthermore, periodontal disease, periodontitis prevention, antibacterial activity ◎]
The dextrin component is also effective against bad breath. In addition, 2K grill chili acid prevents bad breath, prevents
periodontal disease and periodontitis, prevents gingivitis and troubles in the mouth. Antibacterial effect can be expected because it contains ionic electrolyzed water with mineral salt, and it not only provides a whitening effect but also works to maintain a healthy and clean mouth.
[Safety with no use of six ingredients that are considered dangerous with toothpaste]
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[Combined high-quality whitening ingredients with an original formulation] Contains many whitening active ingredients. Removes colored stains and promotes whitening of teeth by applying white components such as pearls to the tooth surface by continuous use by brushing.
?? polyphosphoric acid, metaphosphoric acid, pyrophosphoric acid The three components strongly peel off the stain, coat it, and prevent adsorption while removing color.
?? Carbonated Ca
Removes dirt from plaque and stains without damaging the tooth surface. ??silica
Adsorbs dirt scientifically.
?? bicarbonate
It has the power to break down proteins, making it easier to clean teeth. ?? Papain
The protein stains are decomposed by papain enzyme to exert whitening effect. Honeysuckle leaf extract
Remove dirt and lead to white teeth.
?? Pearl
It is composed of 100% pearl layer of Uwakai Akoya oysters, making it close to white and transparent teeth.
【 Product information 】
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Product Name: Caratas Whylia Two Spacet (Ginger Mint)
Price: ¥ 1,680 + TAX
Capacity: 75g
Flavor: Ginger mint flavor
[Pop-up store product lineup]
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