Sugi Holdings Co., Ltd. Two stores open simultaneously in the center of Sakae, Nagoya! “Sugi Pharmacy Nagoya Zero Gate Store, Sugi Drug Otsu Dori Store” Opened on December 12, 2019 (Thursday)

Sugi Holdings Co., Ltd.
Simultaneous opening of 2 stores in Sakae city center! “Sugi Pharmacy Nagoya Zero Gate Store, Sugi Drug Otsu Dori Store” Opened on December 12, 2019 (Thursday)

Sugi Pharmacy Co., Ltd. (Head office: Obu City, Aichi Prefecture / President: Katsunori Sugiura) is a new store in the center of Sakae, Nagoya City, December 12, 2019. , Sugi Drug Otsu-dori Store “will open.
“Nagoya Zero Gate Store” is a beauty target-type store with a young target centered on the M-1 and F-1 classes. A beautiful method that allows you to choose from a total of skincare, makeup, hair, and body. It will be a realized store.
The “Sugi Drug Otsu-dori Store” is targeted at the high-society class M-2 and F-2 and above, and the counseling is strengthened in a chic store. The 1st floor has health, home, food, 2F is the beauty department.
Although there are two stores open in the neighborhood, the concept of store development is also different, aiming for a synergistic effect of attracting customers. In addition, the tax exemption ratio is predicted to be 20-30% for foreign shoppers visiting Japan at both stores.
■ Features of “Nagoya Zero Gate Store”
● The first skin measuring instrument “HiMirror” equipped with cutting-edge technologies such as skin analysis and virtual makeup functions will be introduced at drug stores for the first time to bring out the beauty of customers with cutting-edge technologies and techniques.
● In addition to expanding the lineup of hot-selling products, in addition to pre-sale of topical Korean beauty brands, products that are popular on SNS and the Internet, and products that are popular among young people are actively incorporated , To propose the latest trends.
● “SUGI + @ Cosme” Opened as the second collaboration store. There is an original ranking corner that combines the selling data of Sugi Pharmacy and word-of-mouth data of @Cosmetics, and @Cosmetic Editing Planning Corner with the theme of “Skin Care Concern” and “Seasonal Cosmetics”. Also, it is full of products and information that are conscious of total beauty, such as introduction of health care that seems to be a cedar pharmacy and leads to beautiful. [Image 1


・ Skin analysis function
Using our original algorithm and the latest skin analysis technology, we can comprehensively analyze 7 measurement items (bears, redness, fine lines, wrinkles, pores, spots, rough skin) and grasp the skin condition. .
In addition, the sensor “HiSkin”, which diagnoses skin with a high mirror, is also available, so the amount of moisture and melanin can be measured.
[Image 2

・ Virtual makeup function
You can make a makeup simulation just by taking a photo with a high mirror, and you can easily try out a number of makeup styles to find the style you like best.
■ Store overview
[Sugi Pharmacy Nagoya Zero Gate]
・ Location: Nagoya Zero Gate, 1st floor, 28-11 Sakae 3-chome, Naka-ku, Nagoya, Aichi
・ Business hours (product sales): 10: 00-21: 00, open all year round ・ Operating hours (dispensing): 10: 00-14: 00/15: 00-19: 00
* Zero Gate
[Image 3

* The photo is an image
[Sugi Drug Otsu-dori]
・ Location: Sakae MF Building 1-2F, 15-36 Sakae 3-chome, Naka-ku, Nagoya, Aichi ・ Opening hours: 8: 00-23: 00
[Image 4


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