DMM GAMES GMMES New heroes “Maro Sakauemura”, “Oro Taijo”, “Yunkei & Kaikei” appeared in “New en try gacha” at DMM GAMES “Hero * Senki WW”. *

Joint company DMM GAMES
In DMM GAMES “Hero * Senki WW”, new heroes “Maro Sakauemura”, “Oro Taijo”, “Yunkei & Kaikei” appeared in “New entry gacha”. *
The joint company DMM GAMES (headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Keisuke Muranaka, URL: is the “Hero * Senki WW” on December 3, 2019 (Tuesday). We are pleased to announce that the “New entry gacha” has started.
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▼ Official site
▼ Official PV
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▼ Official Twitter
▼ “New entry gacha”
Returning from the north, Captain “Saroue Tamura”, the blank ancient hero “Oro Elder”, and genius sculptor “Yunkei & Kaikei” who made a partner will appear.
▼ Challenge for a limited time Challenge! Dragon Beast “Sorrow” [Image 2


* Event summary
It is an event where you can earn achievement rewards by changing to the dragon beast “Kiki” at the event stage.
〇 Synopsis
Sakaueda village Maro returned from the northern conquest.
The report included a sighting of a super-dangerous dragon beast. Asked by Yamato Takeru who was unusually motivated, the protagonist decided to go to the subjugation of everyone with everyone.
Will the heroes be able to defeat the dragon beasts, which are said to be toothless even by ancient heroes?
▼ Reenactment Strengthening Event “Masamushi no Ohana”
[Image 3


* Event summary
In this event, it is possible to exchange items for character enhancement by defeating enemies on the stage and collecting “Masamune no Osamu”.
〇 Synopsis
“Collect forgery that has been forged! I’ll buy whatever you like! The hero who was asked by Masamune and decided to get into the hideouts of the villains scattered throughout the country.
Will they be able to eradicate the fake flower press safely? ?
▼ Published a game introduction comic on official Twitter
We released comics drawn by the popular manga artist Juami.
This time we are talking about gacha production.
[Image 4


▼ Game overview
Title: Hero * Senki WW (War Wonder)
Genre: Online simulation game to conquer the world surrounded by beautiful girl heroes
Distribution platform: DMM GAMES (PC browser, DMM GAMES store) Sales format: Basic free + Some billing elements available
Rights notation: (C) Otohito / Hero * Senki Production Committee (C) DMM GAMES

For more information about this release(Japanese):


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