TV TOKYO “April Day House On Stage” is being held!

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“April 1st House On Stage” is being held!

The virtual YouTuber drama “April One’s Family’s” (read: Watanuki Sanchi) broadcasted on TV Tokyo 25 drama frame in the April 2019 period. As the first attempt in the history of a continuous TV drama that only virtual YouTuber (VTuber) will appear, it has become a topic both inside and outside the industry.
Such “April 1’s House’s” live and “April 1’s House’s On Stage” first and second live were held simultaneously at 9 locations across the country. Three sisters of “April 1’s house”, the time of the role of Ichika, Futaba Sarugakucho as the role of Futaba, and Ao Hibiki appear as the role of Miki.
Digest video release! The contents consisted of two parts. One part was a new play of three sisters on April 1st. The 2013 King of Contest winner’s comedy combo Kamedamu Udai Iwasaki is in charge of the script and directing, and a new newly written episode “April 1’s family trio formed!” It was done. Three sisters who decided to perform at a singing show at karaoke bar Masako. The figure of thinking and struggling with the story was drawn.
In the second part, the karaoke bar, which is the stage for voice dramas, shows songs, dances and comics with the world view. Staging was done by Kanna, who worked on the choreography of the drama OP theme chelmico “switch”. Sora no Toki, Sarugakucho Futaba and Ao Hibiki sang solo songs. There will also be special guests that change every time. In the first episode, Ayane Tenjinko, who appears as the daughter of the owner “Masako” of “Karaoke Bar Masako”, which is newly appearing in the voice drama, sings her own song “Don’t say Fueryu” , Excited the venue. For the second time, Subaru, the role of Shinobu, also from the voice drama, sang “Welcome to Japari Park” and heated the venue. In addition, “I’m Going to Tokyo” (Kikuzo Kiku) was sung as a collaboration between three sisters and a new family.
[Performance song]
April 1st 3 sisters / chelmico “switch”
Toki no Sora Solo / “Unskilled Record”
Sarugakucho Futaba Solo / “Senbonzakura”
Hibiki Ao Solo / “Yumes Cream”
Tenjinko roaring solo / “Don’t say Fueryu” / Subaru “Welcome Japari Park” April 1 Sister + Guest / Ikuzo Yoshikisa “We are going to Tokyo”
April 1 Sister + Guest / SILENT SIREN “April Wind”
■ Cast comments
● Sora of time
Thank you very much for coming to the first day today. There was a feeling of tension unique to the beginning, but I feel like I could enjoy it with everyone. We will continue to do our best on April 1st, so thank you. Thank you very much.
● Sarugakucho Futaba
Thank you very much to everyone who came for the first time out of all five. There is a stage, there is a song, there is a comic, and there are so many. There are also 4 times, so I hope everyone will come back again. Thank you very much.
● Hibiki Ao
It was the first time that a strong and strong character like Koyane-chan joined the family on April 1 for the first time, and I was happy to become a family on April 1 with Koyane-chan again.
I’m really happy to be able to spend time with the neighborhood associations (a collective term for the fans of the “April Day House”). Since today is the first time, let’s enjoy four more times.
● Tenjinko roar
Thank you all. It was the first time for this member to stand together in this way, but I was able to show the gorilla in the first place and felt that I was able to find my position. I will do my best so that I can laugh. Thank you very much.
● Subaru
If you’re going to do gorillas, please say rehearsal!
[Outline of April 1’s house ON STAGE]
Screening location: AEON CINEMA: Itabashi (Tokyo), Kohoku New Town (Kanagawa), Makuhari New City (Chiba), Wonder (Aichi), Ibaraki (Osaka), Fukuoka (Fukuoka), Ebetsu (Hokkaido), Okayama (Okayama), Natori (Miyagi)
Appearance: Toki no Sora Sarugakucho Futaba Hibiki Ao * There is a guest each time.
Screening date: 2019
December 3 (Tuesday) 19:30 performance, guest: Asano
December 12 (Thursday) 19:30 Performance (Guest: Summer Festival) December 17 (Tuesday) 19:30 performance, guest: narration
Ticket price (tax included): Premium seat: 18,000 yen General seat: 8,000 yen * Customers who purchase premium seats will receive a souvenir and will be able to view the “Special Corner” after the show.
Ticket release: SPWN
Overall composition: Hirotake Kumamoto
Screenplay part 1: Kamomentaru / Udai Iwasaki (“The Strange Stories of the World” “Melodies”)
Second part staging: Kanna
Production work: “April Day’s House” Production Committee
[Official website / SNS]
・ Official site:
・ Official Twitter: @watanukisanchi ・ Official Instagram: @watanukisanchi ・ Official hashtag “#April Day’s House Live”

For more information about this release(Japanese):


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