Wiz Co., Ltd. Wiz and ONE PIECE Co., Ltd. established a joint venture “WoW Influencer”

Wiz Corporation
Wiz and ONE PIECE establish joint venture “WoW Influencer”
-Partnering with the acquisition of influencer matching service “WoW Influence” to expand influencer marketing market-
Wiz Co., Ltd. (Head office: Toshima-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Shun Yamazaki, “Wiz”) is an ONE PIECE Co., Ltd. that operates Internet solutions business for the purpose of expanding and promoting influencer matching service “WoW Influence”. Headquarters: Toshima-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Kazunori Yokota
(hereinafter “ONE PIECE”) and a joint venture “WoW Influencer Co., Ltd.” was established.
WoW Influencer Co., Ltd. is the sole agent of WoW Japan Co., Ltd. (headquartered in Toshima-ku, Tokyo, representative director: Kentaro Serizawa, hereinafter referred to as “WoW Japan”), which operates the influencer and corporate matching service “WoW Influence”. As of November 25, 2019, we will start a business alliance and aim to expand the distribution area and increase the number of customers in the release of “WOW Influence”.
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■ Purpose of establishing joint venture and agency contract
The impact of influencers on consumer behavior is growing, and the influencer marketing market is increasing year by year. The
establishment of this joint venture aims to expand the influencer marketing market by increasing the number of customers and the distribution area of ​​“WoW Influence” in such an era.
ONE PIECE is a company that develops a variety of web solution businesses, such as operating various media including the spacecarry platform for lending and borrowing vacant spaces.
On the other hand, Wiz operates an online select shop “Wiz cloud” for IT services, handles over 200 products such as business improvement tools and cost reduction services, and has partnerships with numerous companies.
By combining ONE PIECE’s media management know-how with Wiz’s sales capabilities and connections with partner companies, we believe that we can contribute to the expansion of the service of WoW Influence and the activation of the market. The agency agreement was reached. [Image 2

■ Future Vision
The influencer marketing market is said to expand to several tens of billions of yen over the next few years. The joint venture WoW Influencer enters this market by combining the most advanced technology of Israel, also known as the tech powerhouse. In the most recent year, we will aim for 50,000 registered influencers, 1,000 registered companies, and 500 matches.
■ Company Profile
[WoW Influencer Co., Ltd.]
Company name: WoW Influencer Co., Ltd.
Representative Director: Kenta Sugawara
Head office location: 2-25-15 Minami Otsuka, Toshima-ku, Tokyo [ONE PIECE Co., Ltd.]
Company name: ONE PIECE Co., Ltd.
Representative Director: Kazunori Yokota
Head Office: Ikebukuro TA Building 9F, 2-14-4 Ikebukuro, Toshima-ku, Tokyo Established: August 1, 2012
Capital: 10 million yen
URL: https://1onepiece.jp/
Business description: Media business, Solution business, Call center business, Alliance business
[Wiz Co., Ltd.]
Company name: Wiz Co., Ltd.
Representative Director: Shun Yamazaki
Established: April 18, 2012
Capital: 60 million yen (including capital reserve)
Business description: IoT business, ICT business, WiFi platform business, cashless business, store opening portal business, childcare support business, lifeline business, recruitment media business HP: https://012grp.co.jp/

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