Hanamaruki PR Secretariat Hanamaruki “Clear and Sweet Sake” won a gold medal in “OMOTENASHI Selection” , a program that sends Japanese excellent products and services both in Japan and overseas.

Hanamaruki PR Secretariat
Hana Maruki “Clear and Sweet Amazake” won a gold medal in “OMOTENASHI Selection”, a program that sends Japanese superior products and services both in Japan and overseas

Hana Maruki Co., Ltd. (headquarters: Ina City, Nagano Prefecture, President: Toshio Hanaoka), a product of miso and brewing products maker, has discovered and certified excellent Japanese products and services and sent them both domestically and internationally. The program was selected as one of 103 subjects of the “OMOTENASHI Selection 2019”, and received the “Gold Award”, which was highly evaluated. As a result of a review by a foreign judge living in Japan, we received an evaluation of the innovativeness of making Amazake, a traditional Japanese beverage transparent.
■ About the award-winning product “Clear and Sweet Amazake”
The clear amazake is a sake that uses domestic rice koji and does not use sake lees. Because it is non-alcoholic, those who are not good at alcohol, children and pregnant women can drink with confidence. The rice is decomposed from the koji to extract its natural sweetness, and you can enjoy the sweetness of the ingredients even without sugar. In addition, it is a “new-style amazake” that can be enjoyed with its transparent and clear gold color, and you can enjoy various ways to split with other beverages such as carbonated water, soy milk, and whiskey.

・ Tomato juice x amazake
[Image 1


・ Mint x Amazake
[Image 2


・ Umeboshi x Amazake
[Image 3


・ Teriyaki chicken
[Image 4


・ Pickles of amazake
[Image 5


■ Outline of the award-winning product “Clear and Sweet Amazake” [Image 6


Product name: Clear Amazake 125ml
Contents: 125ml / book
Sales Sales: Sales centered in the Tokyo metropolitan area
(Tokyo, Kanagawa Prefecture, Chiba Prefecture, Saitama Prefecture, Gunma Prefecture,
(Tochigi Prefecture, Ibaraki Prefecture, Fukushima Prefecture) Sale at home for daily use at home
Suggested retail price (excluding tax): Open price
Public ceremony sales: 3,600 yen (125ml x 18 bottles)
.. (URL: http://www.hanamaruki-shop.com/)
Brand site: https://www.hanamaruki.co.jp/amazake.html
■ Award ceremony
】 We were awarded at the award ceremony held on December 2 (Monday). [Image 7


[Image 8


■ Comments on receiving the award from Hanamaruki
Hanamaruki has valued Japanese agate culture for over 100 years since its establishment and has been working on safe and delicious products. In order to pass on this culture to the next generation, we would like to develop the tradition according to the times.
“Clear and clear liquor” has also created a new style of amazake that has never been seen by making “transparent” amazake that has been passed down since ancient times.
With this award, we will endeavor to make it possible for more people, both domestic and overseas, to pick up the “Clear Amazake”.
■ Outline of OMOTENASHI Selection
[Image 9


OMOTENASHI Selection is a hospitality that is the charm of Japan, such as discerning techniques born from the heart that cared about the recipient, and creative activities that continue to improve the tradition while inheriting tradition. A program that discovers and certifies products and services and transmits them both domestically and internationally.
On the premise of evaluation by foreigners residing in Japan, accrediting excellent products and services selected with quality checks by Japanese experts, through public relations and sales channel support for countries around the world including Japan, We aim to expand new consumption and improve global sales capabilities of all Japanese companies. In fiscal 2019, 103 award recipients were determined, of which 28 were awarded gold prizes and 7 were awarded in all 5 special prize categories.
URL: https://omotenashinippon.jp/selection/
■ Hanamaruki Co., Ltd. Company Profile
Trade name: Hanamaruki Co., Ltd.
Creation: November 1, Taisho 7
Established: November 5, 1947
Representative: Toshio Hanaoka, President
Location: 2701 Nishi Minowa, Ina City, Nagano Prefecture
Business description: Miso brewing sales and processed food manufacturing sales U R L: http://www.hanamaruki.co.jp/

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