Suntory Holdings, Ltd. Renewal of 3 types of “Kinmugi” brand

Suntory Holdings Limited
Three types of “Kinmugi” brand renewal
Suntory Beer’s No. 1 sales * 1 brand has been renewed

Suntory Beer Co., Ltd.
Lager“New genre best suited for a happy family dining table” with a focus on the flavor of wheat
The concept of “Kinmugi” brand has been to many customers since its launch in 2007
Thank you for drinking, it became the No.1 * 1 brand in the history of Suntory Beer.
“Gold Lager” released in February this year is a new genre of beer It has been well received for such a pleasant drinking and rich taste, and the initial annual sales
6.8 million cases revised upward from the plan by 2 times * 2 (see News Release No. 13500)
Has been strong enough to achieve this as of November.
The sales volume of “Kinmugi” brand in 2019 increased significantly by 10% compared to the previous year.
Expect to update the best. In 2020, even more customers will see the “Ginmugi” brand
“Golden wheat” “Same sugar <75% saccharides”
“Off● About contents and package
As for the contents, some umami malt * 3 is blended with domestic malt * 4 that is particular about malting.
Newly used luxury malt. Furthermore, “Kinmugi” uses a three-stage umami extraction method * 5
Did. To be able to enjoy it with daily meals,
We pursued an exquisite balance of ease of drinking.
The surface of the package effectively uses gold and “luxury malt” notation to provide a more quality feel.
I was able to feel a certain taste. In addition, the back side is “Kinmugi” brand
Describes the unique “craftsmanship” and expresses a commitment to deliciousness Did.
* 1 From September 2018 to 2019 for 12 months cumulative shipment volume of Suntory Beer brands
Based on August “Kinmugi” brand cumulative shipment volume (350ml equivalent) * 2 1 case = 633ml x 20
* 3 Among Nijo barley malts, malts containing a lot of umami ingredients (proteins)
* 4 Malt made in-house based on wheat-making conditions suitable for gold wheat * 5 A process that carefully extracts the flavor of wheat in three stages of temperature in the process of boiling the wort of the charging kettle.
– Record –
▼ Product name, capacity, alcohol content
“Suntory Kinmugi”
Regular can 350ml 5%
Long can 500ml 5%
Mini can 250ml 5%
* In addition, barrels (10L, 15L, 20L) are released for restaurants. “Suntory Kinmugi