X-LEGEND ENTERTAINMENT JAPAN Co., Ltd. Implemented a new dungeon “Level 108 Contraindicated Factory” for “Star World Myth -ASTRAL TALE-”!

“Star World Myth -ASTRAL TALE-” New dungeon “Level 108 Contrained Factory” is implemented!
In addition to holding Christmas events and Twitter quiz events, a campaign to use G Mall where you can get luxurious items is also held! ……………………………………………………………………………………………
X-LEGEND ENTERTAINMENT JAPAN Co., Ltd. announced that a new dungeon “Level 108” will be released today on Tuesday, December 3rd in the Cross Job Fantasy RPG “Hoshikai Myth -ASTRAL TALE-” (hereinafter “this work”). Implemented “Contraindicated Factory”. In addition, Christmas events and Twitter quiz events will be held at the same time, and we will inform you that we have started a campaign to use G Mall where you can get luxury items.
[Image 1

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■ Let’s get fusion material of high level equipment in new dungeon! [Image 2

Implemented a new dungeon “Level 108 Contraindicated Factory”. If you kill a monster in the dungeon, you can get up to level 110 “Weapon / Armor Experience Crystal”. “Weapon / Armor Experience Crystal” can give experience value to equipment, and when the experience value reaches the maximum, “Basic Status of Equipment” increases. Strengthen the ability of the equipment and prepare for new strong enemies you have not seen yet!
[Image 3

Defeat the waiting monsters and get the weapon / armor experience crystal!
● Add a new treasure map!
Defeating a boss monster in a specific dungeon can now earn a new treasure map. If you go to the place marked on the new Treasure Map, you will have the chance to acquire items useful for adventure, such as the item “Hoshiishi” that increases the character’s status, and the item “Weapon and Armor Experience Crystal” that gives equipment an experience value. Find hidden treasures and earn items to advance your adventure!
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■ Get Christmas furniture! Winter event held!
[Image 4

Moomu is busy with decorating the Christmas at Sailoon Castle and is in trouble because the people in the city are unable to announce the Christmas party. If you are in trouble, you can get limited “pet items” and “Christmas furniture” that you can decorate in the secret base living room as a reward. In addition, a giant reindeer monster subjugation event is also held at a specific time. Participate in each event and try to get limited items!
[Image 5

Transform into Mu Mu and let the city’s residents know about the party! [Image 6

Limited pet: Christmas March ★
[Image 7

Get Christmas furniture that colors your secret base!
[Image 8

Huge reindeer attacking “Kerani”
[Event period]
December 3, 2019 (Tue) after regular maintenance
Until December 24, 2019 (Tue) scheduled maintenance
● Twitter quiz event held!
During the period, questions related to this work will be given on the Twitter account of the mysterious world of stars. Players will answer the quiz from the coupon entry screen on the official website. If you answer the quiz correctly, you will receive one “roulette money one-time ticket *”. During the period, questions will be asked irregularly, so check the official Twitter account accordingly! [Event period]
December 3, 2019 (Tue) after regular maintenance
December 17, 2019 (Tuesday) 14:59
[Event introduction page URL]
■ We present luxurious item! Shiseido’s G Mall campaign
[Image 9

For a limited time, we are holding a “Shoshirun G Mall Usage Campaign” where you can get discounted items according to G Mall usage. You can get a “special head avatar” that has been implemented so far, or you can get one at random from the “Contract Feather Sirius Series” pet that can be summoned for a certain period of time “Contract Feather BOX ”Etc. Please do not miss this opportunity!
[Introduction of privilege items]
[Image 10

[Campaign period]
December 3, 2019 (Tue) after regular maintenance
December 17, 2019 (Tuesday) 14:59
[Campaign introduction page URL]
■ Star SP exchange stone SP set also appears! Christmas sale now being held! [Image 11

Many avatars such as the Christmas female avatar “Santa Jester & Fancy Santa” and male avatar “Christmas Beret & Feather Santa” that have appeared so far have been launched. In addition, a special “Star Spirit Exchange Stone SP Set” has been re-appeared.
[Image 12

Santa Jester & Fancy Santa
[Image 13

Christmas Beret & Feather Santa
[Image 14

Weapon Avatar “Candy Cane”
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