Kinichi Shoten Co., Ltd. A bee-shaped cream bread appeared, with plenty of honey and cream inside, and the first anniversary of Kinlo Isetan Kyoto store

Kanaichi store
A honeybee-shaped cream bread appears. Inside is filled with honey cream. Commemorating the first anniversary of Kinlo Isetan Kyoto store Two kinds of festive cream breads made by honey shops are available for a limited time
Kanaichi Shoten Co., Ltd. (Head office: 21 Sanjo-Dori Tomi Koji Nishiiri Nakanomachi, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto) is a brand new cream bread “Hachi-san Hachi-san” “kyo-chocolat Kyoto” “Chocolat” is released. There are 2 types of bees that can fully enjoy the honey made by the long-established honey, Kyoto chocolate of exquisite cream bread of Kyoto based on honey and matcha from Kyoto Prefecture, Nanyama Castle Village, and DariK chocolate.
Cream bread specialty store Kiniro Isetan Kyoto store will be on sale from Wednesday, December 4th. Kiniro Sanjo store will be on sale December 6th (Friday).
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○ Kiniro, a cream bread specialty store
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Cream bread specialty store opened on April 28, 2018 by Kanaichi Shoten Co., Ltd. specializing in honey. Two types of cream bread, “Kin / iro gold” and “kuro / iro black”, which use more than 15% of the whole cream with honey, are made in Kyoto from Hirabayashi Dairy’s milk and moat gold leaf edible gold leaf. Local taste using
ingredients. It is a popular souvenir that everyone can be pleased with as bread for eating on the spot.
[Product information]
・ Hachi ・ san Hachisan 324 yen (tax included) Limited time offer A cream bread with a bee motif commemorating the first anniversary of the Isetan Kyoto store, a long-established honey store.
A custard cream made with plenty of flavorful Argentinean nectar from which you can fully enjoy the taste of honey is confined in the fluffy bee’s bread dough. This is a festive cream bread presented by a honey shop where you can fully enjoy honey. Limited sale until December 24th (Tue).
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・ Kyo ・ chocolat Kyo Chocolat 324 yen (tax included)
A cream bread that combines Kyoto green tea with a good balance between sweetness and astringency and chocolate with a cacao fragrance.
Mild cocoa dough is stuffed with plenty of honey matcha cream using Hungarian acacia honey and matcha green tea from Kyoto Prefecture. Furthermore, the chocolate chip of Kyoto’s famous chocolate tree DariK is crushed and mixed into a deep cream. Matcha tea and chocolate exquisite cream bread that can only be eaten at the first anniversary of the opening. Limited sale until December 31 (Tue).
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【Company Profile】
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Kinichi Shoten Co., Ltd.
Capital 10 million yen
Established in 1930, honey is directly purchased from domestic and overseas beekeepers, and product development and production are carried out. In addition to the direct management of “Honey Specialty Store Mirmi” and “Cream Bread Specialty Shop Kiniro”, the company sells honey products to supermarkets and department stores nationwide. Honey liquor (mead) has been imported for the first time in the country for more than 10 years, and the handling country and kind are the best in the country.
【store information】
・ Cream bread specialty store Kiniro Sanjo
21 Nishi-Nakanocho, Sanjo-Dori Tomi-koji, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto 604-8083, Japan Tel. 075-221-7739
・ Cream bread specialty store Kiniro Isetan Kyoto
901 JR Higashi Shioji-cho, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto 600-8555, Kyoto Kyoto Isetan B1F TEL.075-708-6660

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