Information on Premium Orange Liqueur Cointreau Vincent Dare Design Bottle

Remy Cointreau Japan
Premium Orange Liqueur Cointreau Vincent Dale Design Bottle Limited Release Information
Remy Cointreau Japan Co., Ltd. (Remy Cointreau Japan / Minato-ku, Tokyo) is offering a limited quantity of French premium orange liqueur “Cointreau” “Cointreau 700ml Dare Design Bottle” from Monday, December 2, 2019 We will inform you that the limited shipment has started. [Image 1

This “Dare Design Bottle” is a limited quantity bottle designed by French interior designer “Vincent Dale” who is active worldwide. The design drawn on the three sides of the bottle is Cointreau’s 170-year history, Edouard Cointreau who created the orange liqueur “Cointreau” and his wife Luisa, and Cointreau that perfectly balances sweet & bitter orange peel. Inspired by duality.
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At the end of the day when the sun and the moon meet, the cocktail time begins. The time to enjoy a cocktail with Cointreau is also expressed. It is a design that represents the spirit of La Maison Cointreau, who continues to be creative and continues to have a history of 170 years.
Except for the design, there is no change to the product itself (including frequency), price system, and barcode. Due to the limited quantity, it will be switched to normal products as soon as it is out of stock.
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Vincent Darre
An interior designer based in Paris.
It is known as a master of lifestyle that has both elegance and whims, not within the framework of an interior designer. After gaining experience with famous brands such as Yves Saint Laurent, Montana, Prada, Fendi, Chloe, Moschino, and so on. He designs interiors for hotels, shops and houses and is an artistic director for events and magazines.
The free style of combining various elements in a unique way is based on a deep knowledge of the art world.
In 2018, he published “Interieurs surrealistes” (interior of surrealism), introducing a number of beautiful masterpieces.
◆ Product details
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Product name
Cointreau 700ml Dare Design Bottle
Alcohol content / volume
-40 degrees / 700ml
Suggested retail price (main unit)
2,000 yen

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