Ube Industries Building Materials Co., Ltd. New proposal for storage of rice. Keep watching the deliciousness of rice in diatomaceous earth!

Ube Industries Building Materials Co., Ltd.
New proposal for storing rice. Keep watching the deliciousness of rice in diatomaceous earth!
I can’t find a reason not to use it. Can be used repeatedly to prevent odors and insects
Ube Industries Building Materials Co., Ltd. (Minato-ku, Tokyo) has been able to prevent odors and insects that are a problem in storing rice with diatomaceous earth on December 3, 2019. We have begun selling “rice guardian god”. https://www.ub-soukai.jp/mamorigami/ [Image 1


“Nanolabo Rice Guardian” is a rice-shaped diatomaceous earth item made of domestically produced super diatomaceous earth using
I think that you have stored rice at home and you have a bad odor or an insect. Especially when it gets hot and humid. In addition, I think that every household has a taste of rice that has been stored for a long time after purchase. This product is a useful item that uses the humidity control function unique to diatomaceous earth to keep the taste of rice in addition to insect repellent and deodorization.
■ Super diatomite “humidity control” keeps the delicious zone for a long time Nowadays, rice cookers and technologies have evolved, and more people are turning their attention to how to cook rice. However, there are many people who have not yet paid attention to the storage of rice. It is generally said that the optimal humidity for rice is 60% and the optimal moisture content is 15%, but it is difficult to keep this environment in a general household throughout the year.
The newly developed “Nanolabo Rice Guardian” keeps the above environment, so it can continue to absorb and release moisture and keep the rice ready to eat.
■ Create an environment where insects that approach the smell of rice do not come!
[Image 2


There are many insect repellent products currently sold in
supermarkets and drugstores, but the reason insects spring in rice is that the storage environment becomes hot and humid, causing the rice to smell and The main reason is that they are brought together. There is a way to generate odors that insects don’t like, but “Nanarabo Rice Guardian” uses super diatomaceous earth to adjust the humidity in the rice jar and absorb and decompose bad odors to prevent insects from entering. The In addition, it is an excellent one that protects against insects as well as mold and dryness.
■ COSPA is the strongest because it can be used repeatedly!
Unlike other rice insect repellent items, “Nanolabo Rice Guardian” has no expiration date and can be used repeatedly. If you simply compare the cost of insect repellent and deodorization, it will differ by about 13 times in 10 years. There are various storage methods, such as sealing bags, refrigerators, and rice vases. From now on, how about storing rice using diatomaceous earth?
* Another insect repellent product: When 600 yen is used for 10 years with a 6 month expiration date
[Image 3


– Product Summary –
Product Name: Rice Guardian
Size: (about) 100mmx50mmx9mm
Country of origin: Japan
Price: ¥ 890 (excluding tax)
URL: https://www.ub-soukai.jp/mamorigami/
As a pioneer of diatomite daily necessities, a manufacturer that researches and develops various diatomite products using domestic technology and raw materials. In order to recognize diatomaceous earth, we have established the Japan Diatomaceous Earth Daily Goods Manufacturing Association and are focusing on public relations activities.
Headquarters: Seavans N building, 1-2-1 Shibaura, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-0023 Representative: President Masaaki Okazaki
URL: https://www.ub-soukai.jp/
Business description:
・ Manufacturers of interior materials, exterior materials,
waterproofing materials, floor base materials, plastering materials, civil engineering materials and other construction materials ・ Planning, manufacturing, processing, trading, and import / export of daily necessities

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