Explanation of OKB payment method Payment with “OKB” started at “cryptomall”. ”A commentary video on“ OKB ”payment method is available!

cryptomall ou
[Explanation of OKB payment method] Payment with “OKB” started at “cryptomall”. ”A commentary video on“ OKB ”payment method is available!

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1. [Video explaining how to pay “OKB”]
(1) Overview
December 4, 2019 (Wednesday) “cryptomall ou”, which operates a “social contribution type” crypto asset (virtual currency) shopping mall “cryptomall” is a crypto asset issued by crypto asset (virtual currency) exchange (Virtual currency) Along with the start of settlement with “OKB (OKB)”, a video explaining the settlement method with “OKB (OKB)” has been released.
↓ ↓ Click here for commentary videos ↓ ↓
[Video 2: https://prtimes.jp/api/movieim.php?url=www.youtube.com/watch?v=AA71tAqsdzE] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AA71tAqsdzE
(2) About commentary videos
In the video, we introduce “cryptomall” and explain the settlement method using “OKB” in an easy-to-understand manner.
In addition, at the start of “OKB” settlement, “cryptomall” is carrying out a campaign to save on “OKB” settlement with [Limited Time]. We are
At this opportunity, why not try the “OKB” settlement?

2. [OKB (OKB) settlement start campaign]
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At the start of “OKB” settlement, “cryptomall” is carrying out a campaign that allows you to save on “OKB” settlement at [Limited Time]. .
In other words, “OKB” payments can be enjoyed more economically than with “Bitcoin (BTC)”, “Etherium (ETH)” and other crypto assets. is. ≪ “OKB” settlement start campaign details≫
”Cashback of“ Crypto Morse Table Token (SMALL) ”with 1% of the purchase price with“ OKB (OKB) ”settlement
[During the campaign period] Make an “OKB” payment for shopping in “cryptomall” Benefits
”Crypto mall stable token (SMALL)” for 1% of the purchase price What is “Crypto Morse Table Token (SMALL)”?
“Cryptomol stable token (SMALL)” is a crypto asset (virtual currency) that can be used only within “cryptomall”.
異 な り Unlike general crypto assets (virtual currency), it can be used in “cryptomall” as crypto assets (virtual currency) with no price fluctuation.

3. [Social contribution-type “cryptomall” shopping mall dedicated to crypto assets (virtual currency)]
[Image 3

(1) Overview of “cryptomall”
“Cryptomall” is a “social contribution type” cryptocurrency (virtual currency) shopping mall that handles over 1 million items. Utilizing blockchain technology, we are building a shopping mall platform that does not sell any “fake goods / cricket products”.
↓↓ Social contribution-type “crypto currency” shopping mall
“cryptomall” is here ↓↓
(2) What is the mechanism to eradicate “fake goods and crisp products”? Point 1 Transparency
登録 Anyone can view the transaction record by registering the transaction record of the product on the transparent blockchain. Unlike a centralized system where there is an administrator, third parties who have no interests can view the history, so it is highly transparent and data cannot be tampered with.
Point 2 Possibility of tracking
* All transaction records on the blockchain are connected. In other words, it is obvious that the product was shipped from a manufacturer and arrived at the user via a retail store.
Point 3 Fiber type microchip
】 A fiber type microchip that does not interfere with the design is incorporated into the product during manufacturing. By reading the microchip, you can view the history on the blockchain that cannot be tampered with, such as product information, product transaction history, and logistics routes.
In this way, by using blockchain technology and microchips, anyone can view the transaction history of products that can never be tampered with, and no “fake / pacli products” will be sold. No] Shopping mall platform can be built.

◇◇ ━━━━━━━━━━━ ◇◇
◆ 1. Information
(1) Two features of “cryptomall”
· Part 1
A blockchain platform that can only be beaten by major shopping malls that sell only real products
・ Part 2
Infinite possibilities to partner with other crypto assets
↓↓ Introductory video of “cryptomall” is here ↓↓
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xk45HoCBUVw&feature=youtu.be (2) The Chinese fake / crisp problem
· problem
“Fake goods and crisp products” are flooded and you cannot shop online with peace of mind.
· solution
By developing a blockchain platform that cannot be tampered with at all, it is possible to eradicate “fake goods and pacri products”. ↓↓ Click here for videos on Chinese EC sites ↓↓
(3) Past delivery contents
↓↓ Press release and other contents are here ↓↓
* Login to the dashboard is required.
◆ 2. Contact us
· Inquiry form
・ Inquiries by email
・ Administration site
・ To crypto asset (virtual currency) issuer (main company) & introducer If you are considering a business alliance with “cryptomall”, If you can introduce “cryptomall”, please see below.
* Business alliances will be determined after strict screening. ◇◇ ━━━━━━━━━━━ ◇◇

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