Kaspersky Co., Ltd. Kaspersky launches open access to threat intelligence information-Sharing cyber threat expertise over 20 years-

Kaspersky Co., Ltd.
Kaspersky Launches Open Access to Threat Intelligence
Information-Sharing Cyber ​​Threat Expertise Over 20 Years-

Kaspersky Threat Intelligence Portal is a portal site where you can access threat intelligence such as all data and knowledge about cyber attacks collected by Kaspersky. Now, a wide range of users, including corporate and managed service security provider (MSSP) incident handlers and SOC analysts, can now investigate and analyze threats in a timely manner using this portal. .
Click here for the Kaspersky Threat Intelligence Portal site. https://opentip.kaspersky.com/
Corporate IT security officers can access relevant threat information, quickly analyze suspicious objects, and work more efficiently. In a survey on corporate information security risks conducted by Kaspersky in 2019, only 36% responded that they used threat intelligence, and 31% are working on implementation within 12 months. It became clear. One of the main reasons preventing the adoption of commercial threat intelligence is its high cost. In order to deal with this situation, Kaspersky has made available to some companies without contracts free of charge some of the functions that were previously offered only to contracted users of Kaspersky Threat Intelligence Portal.
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Figure 1: Kaspersky Threat Intelligence Portal top screen
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Figure 2: Analysis result summary example
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Figure 3: Example of object analysis results
This service provides access to the latest information and historical threat intelligence collected by Kaspersky. Enterprise threat analysts can quickly verify which alerts are real threats and prioritize incidents based on risk level. If a SOC analyst finds a suspicious threat trend, the file, file hash, IP address or URL can be viewed on the portal. At this time, the portal determines whether the threat is malicious and at the same time displays information about its spread. It also displays information such as the detection name of the threat, details of the organization that registered the suspicious web resource, the creation date of the domain, the date and time when the file was first confirmed and the date and time when it was most recently confirmed.
Every file uploaded to the portal is analyzed with a number of advanced threat detection technologies, such as heuristic analysis and Kaspersky Cloud Sandbox, to monitor behavior and behavior. Kaspersky Cloud Sandbox detects 346,000 new malicious objects per day with its own patented technology.
In addition to advanced threat detection technology, uploaded files, URLs, IP addresses, hashes and other information, the portal is powered by a variety of reliable sources. This source also includes Kaspersky Security Network information consisting of Kaspersky’s own web crawler, spam traps, survey results, partner information and more. Strictly anonymized data is carefully investigated and screened through multiple methods and techniques, including statistical systems, approximation tools, sandboxes, behavioral profiling, whitelist validation and analyst validation.
In this portal, there is no limit to the number of times a file can be uploaded and examined. The URL, hash, and IP address can be checked up to 100 times a day. Advanced features such as threat information lookup, Kaspersky Cloud Sandbox report, APT threat intelligence report, financial threat intelligence report, URL sandbox, etc. are available for paid contractor users.
Artem Karasev, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Cybersecurity Services, Kaspersky, said: “Corporate IT security teams respond to myriad alerts every day. Finding in-depth investigations and emergency responses requires information such as the extent to which suspicious objects are spreading, source, etc. Access to the latest information is essential to protect the company, and to achieve our mission of Building a safer world, our portal will bring insightful data directly connected to real threats to various companies. I’m delighted to be able to offer it. ”
■ Click here for the Kaspersky Threat Intelligence Portal site. https://opentip.kaspersky.com/
* The Global Corporate IT Security Risks Survey is an annual survey conducted by Kaspersky and B2B International since 2011. In 2019, the survey was conducted for a total of 4,958 people in 23 countries working for companies. The questions include the IT security situation in the organization, the threats faced, and the cost of dealing from attack to recovery. The results shown are the percentage of responses to the question “What is your organization’s adoption of, or plans to adopt each in the next 12 months?
■ About Kaspersky
Kaspersky is a global cyber security company founded in 1997. Kaspersky’s deep and sophisticated threat intelligence and expertise is always reflected in our innovative security solutions and services, protecting companies, government agencies and critical infrastructure from around the world to individual customers. In order to combat highly evolving digital threats, we offer a security portfolio that includes a number of solutions and services, including advanced endpoint protection products. Our technology protects over 400 million users and protects the critical assets of 270,000 companies and organizations. For more information, please visit www.kaspersky.co.jp [Image 4


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