MOZA’s “Year-end Thanks Coupon” “Cyber ​​Monday”

Shenzhen Gudsen Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.
MOZA’s “Year-end Thanks Coupon” “Cyber ​​Monday”

Get Aircross2 at the cheapest price at the last big sale “Cyber ​​Monday” this year!
Stabilizer for MOZA SLR mirrorless camera
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Excellent features of MOZA Aircross2
The arm is designed to be large
If the arm that supports the camera is small when the camera is mounted, the types of cameras that can be mounted are reduced. MOZA AirCross2 is designed to mount relatively large cameras such as BMPCC4K.
Most operations and settings are possible in the main body
There are products that use a dedicated app, but it takes more time to launch the app from a smartphone. With MOZA AirCorss2, you can call and set the Autotune function that creates settings suitable for the camera weight, the follow speed that indicates the movement of the gimbal, and the gimbal modes in the main unit before using the camera. Buttons that allow you to quickly call up gimbal operations
Gimbal can call various movements such as 360-degree rotation when you want to take slow and smooth images or capture moving objects instantly. Can be customized.
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Product details URL:
We have now issued a coupon for ¥ 5,000 off on Prime for a discount on Cyber ​​Monday.
Valid period: 12/7 9: 00 ~ 12/9 23:59
If you are interested, please check early!

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