“HyperHelix (TM)-Stretch fiber that makes your body more free” Developed for sports, outdoor, lifestyle and working scenes! “

Toshima Corporation
“HyperHelix (TM)-Stretch fiber that makes your body more free” Developed for sports, outdoor, lifestyle and working scenes! ”
Toshima Co., Ltd. (President and CEO: Hanshima Toshima, Naka-ku, Nagoya City) will exhibit stretch at 2021 Spring / Summer Exhibition (Tokyo headquarters, December 10-December 20) Announcing the fabric “HyperHelix (TM) -Stretch fiber that makes your body more free”. After having already been adopted by some brands, the fabric brand “HyperHelix (TM)” (HyperHelix (TM)) will be launched.
[Image 1d27658-83-400160-0.png
■ Clothes to stretch as your body moves
With the idea of ​​“faster, higher, farther away”, athletes will improve their body performance to the limit and face the game. Sportswear worn by athletes in games and training must be able to stretch in line with body movements. “Polyurethane” is a material that brings stretchability to fabrics, and is used by mixing with other fibers. On the other hand, the “polyurethane” is weaker than other fibers, and as it ages, it loses its elasticity (deteriorates) and weakens and breaks (brittle).
[Image 2d27658-83-838152-2.jpg
← Polyurethane is used as a material that brings stretchability to sportswear, including running tights, and is mixed with other fibers. Due to the dynamic movement of athletes, stressed parts (eg
highlights) are said to be subject to deterioration or embrittlement that loses elasticity due to use.
■ “HyperHelix (TM)”, the stretch shape that spiral shape
“HyperHelix (TM)” is a special fiber made by combining two types of polymers (polymer aggregates). The “spiral crimp” (crimp: a state in which the fibers are twisted), which is caused by the difference in shrinkage when heat is applied to the polymer, can provide fabric and clothes with stretch and flexibility. It leads to comfort when worn and creates the characteristics of retaining the shape of the clothes. [Image 3d27658-83-483864-1.jpg
, Fiber enlargement photograph (500x magnification)
■ Sportswear functions for living and working
A time when the living environment and work style have changed significantly with the evolution of technology. We, Toshima, believe that clothes must not limit people’s movements. “HyperHelix (TM)” developed for the sports scene will be developed for the “outdoor”, “lifestyle” and “working” scenes. In our OEM / ODM (design,
production, design by supplier brand) business, we will actively make proposals to suppliers and contribute to improving the performance and comfort of daily life and work situations. The
[Image 4d27658-83-963505-3.png

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