The season for Motsunabe is coming! ! Kimuraya Main Store’s new hybrid hot pot “Menta Cheese Motsunabe” pres ent for 1 person!

The season for Motsunabe is coming! ! Kimuraya Main Store’s new hybrid hot pot “Menta Cheese Motsunabe” present for 1 person!

KIDS HOLDINGS Co., Ltd. (Kids Holdings, headquartered in
Nishi-Shinjuku, Tokyo, Kimura Kitsuki) is a new product of Hakata Mote Nabe, a specialty of the traditional Kyushu izakaya “Tsukina Muroraya” and “Kimuraya Main Store” until December 31. Spicy Mentaiko x Plenty of Thick Torii Cheese x Prepuri’s domestic beef with the strongest tag [Mental Demon Cheese Pot] will be given as a free gift (1980 yen plus tax).
Authentic Kyushu cuisine spread throughout the country, mainly in the Tokyo metropolitan area. Hakata Mote Nabe Izakaya “Kimuraya Main Store” and “Tsunanamo Muraya” pursue price and quality based on the concept of “restaurants rooted in the region”. We are open every day with the heart so that you can say “It was delicious”.
Among the authentic Kyushu dishes, “Hakata Motsunabe” is also a signboard menu. We are particular about ingredients, soups, and we are researching everyday tastes that are as good as Hakata.
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Until the 31st of March, “World Taste Special Project” will be held. (* Price is for 1 person. Orders are accepted from 2 people.) ¥ 1,380 (excluding tax)
・ The taste of the ingredients can be utilized. “Salt”
・ Standard taste “soy sauce”
-Gentle fragrance and depth “Miso”
・ Spicy and deep tantan soup “Chinese numbness spicy tandan” ・ Thick soup stock umami “sardine”
・ Sweetness of yam
・ Chinese-based medicinal soup “Singapore Bakutei”
-Fermented with boil and added soy milk “Soy milk fermented dashi” ¥ 1,480 (excluding tax)
・ Refreshing scent of popular lemongrass “Malaysia Lemongrass Curry” ・ Mexico salsa-flavored “Mexico Avocado & Tomato Cheese”
・ Characteristic of pungent and sour “ Taim Yum Kung ”
・ Large taste and plenty of ingredients “Tororotororo”
・ Tomato acidity and mellow miso “Cheese miso tomato”
“Kimuraya head office” and “Mura tsuna no muraya” are particular about mochi nabe, so we want to present new possibilities.

Campaign details
[Image 2

This time, a completely new Kimuraya headquarters hybrid mochi pot “Merita Cheese Mochi Nabe” for 1 person (1980 yen (excluding tax)) will be given free of charge!
Spicy Mentaiko x Plenty of Thick Torri Cheese x Pre-priced Japanese beef with the strongest tag [Menta Cheese Motsunabe] will be presented for 1 serving. * Orders are for 2 people.
Campaign details
Period: Until December 31, 2019
The season for Motsunabe is coming! ! Kimuraya Honten Hybrid Mochi Nabe “Menta Demon Mochi Nabe” for 1 person!
* Advance reservations are required up to the previous day. (Web reservation or telephone reservation required)
* Please check in advance for stores on December 31.
* Online reservation → Please select “Seat only” and enter “Mental demon cheese free hot pot promotion” in the request column. Official website:
※ Telephone reservation → Please tell the staff that you would like a free gift campaign for one serving of Mentaiki Cheese Pot.
* Orders are for 2 people.
* 1 drink system, there is a pass-through fee.
* “Course / all-you-can-eat” is not eligible.
* Please contact the store if you wish to use the course separately. * Friday and Saturday are not accepted.
* Available in limited quantities.
* Please contact us in advance as it may not be available on some days. * Cannot be combined with other coupons / discounts.

Target store
Authentic Kyushu cuisine pub “Kimuraya Main Store”
Business URL:
“Kyoto Kimuraya Main Store”
Business URL:
“Mururaya that should be connected”
Business URL:
* The following stores are not eligible for the campaign.
・ Kyoto Kimuraya Main Store Kyoto Station Building East Zone Store ・ Kimuraya Main Store Yotsuya Kojimachi Store
・ Kimuraya Main Store Musashishinjo Station Store
・ Kimuraya Main Store Yoyogi North Exit
・ Kimuraya Main Store Mizoguchi Station
・ Kimuraya Main Store Tachikawa North Exit Store
・ Kimuraya Main Store Kokubunji Station
・ Kimuraya Main Store 柏 East Exit Store

About Kimuraya Main Store
Based on the concept of “Making authentic Hakata’s taste nationwide”, we offer menus that make use of ingredients directly delivered from production areas, such as mochi pots that use fresh pork and beef, and seafood that is landed that day. We are
A menu that responds to customer needs is prepared quickly.
We aim to be a local pub.
This year we have a monthly campaign,
We are always searching for what is a tavern that pleases customers. Official website:
Official Instagram:

Company Profile
Company Name: KIDS HOLDINGS Co., Ltd.
Representative Director: Kimura Kitsuki
Location: Shinjuku NS Building 27F, 2-4-1 Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo Company URL:
Established: September 26, 2005
Capital: 177.2 million yen

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