Ueni Trading Co., Ltd. Industry attention, epoch-making perfume is born! The latest 3WAY all-purpose “capsule perfume” is now available! !

Ueni Trading Co., Ltd.
Industry attention, epoch-making perfume is born! The latest 3WAY all-purpose “capsule perfume” is now available! !
A capsule-like gel perfume that can be used as 3 roles (perfume, hair oil, body oil) in one capsule and is also convenient to carry. It can be used easily in offices, schools, and travel destinations.
Ueni Trading Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Taito-ku, Tokyo; President: Mitsuhiro Miyagami) will release “Aqua Soap Capsule Fragrance” on Monday, December 9th. Capsule gel perfume that can be easily carried in a mini bag or pouch.
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[Product Features]
Can be used as perfume, hair oil, body oil.
A groundbreaking product that can be used as a single item for each of the three products!
There is no worry about oil oxidation because it is divided
It is always open and can be used fresh and there is no worry about skin problems due to oxidation!
Convenient to carry because it is in a capsule.
For example, because it is a size that can be carried on an airplane, it is also recommended to prepare the appearance before you get off in the aircraft to dry!
[Feature comparison]
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【Product Summary】
Brand Name: Aqua Soap
Product name: Capsule Fragrance Favorite soap aroma 19A
Fragrance of capsule fragrance watery shampoo 19A
Capsule Fragrance White Cotton Scent 19A
Capsule fragrance assortment 19A
Capacity / Price: 350mg / grain x 45 grains 2,000 yen (excluding tax) Release date: Monday, December 9
Stores that sell: Variety shops, GMS, and drug stores nationwide [Development background]
Our Eau De Toilette series, our private brand, Aqua Soapbon, has sold 6 million units (* 1), and the repeat rate is over 80%. Among them, we have received a lot of feedback from customers about products that are easy to carry around and can be used for hair and body.
This time, we will release a capsule-like gel perfume that is very convenient to carry with 5g (including a container).
This capsule gel perfume can be used not only as a perfume but also as a hair oil and body oil. Capsule fragrance, which plays three roles in a grain, is a popular fragrance in the existing Aqua Soap Series. If you use it together with hand cream of the same series, Eau De Toilette, you won’t get scented!

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How to use
[How to use]
Gently twist the knob with your hand while gently pressing the capsule body. * If the capsule is hard, use scissors.
[Use scene]
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Introduction of “Aqua Soap”
“Aqua Soap” is a long-selling cosmetic brand that will celebrate its 10th anniversary in May 2019. We offer body care and hair care products centered on perfumes for those who prefer a refreshing and clean scent regardless of gender or age. Developed soaps, shampoos, softeners, and other products that stick to cleanliness and healing. We offer products that can be used regardless of the scene, such as when going out in the morning, when making makeup, after sweating, relaxing, working, dating, or playing with friends.
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[Introduction of Aqua Soap Series]
The “Aqua Soap” series is a scented brand with the theme of “bubbles”. A lifestyle fragrance that proposes “Enjoying everyday life with fragrances” and sold 6 million units (* 1). “Aqua Soap”, a scent that everyone can wear at any time, “Mama Aqua Soap” for working moms with children, “Aqua Soap Spa Collection” for busy working women, “Aqua Soap Sports” to refresh your mood during exercise “there is. Ueni Trading Co., Ltd.
A specialized trading company that handles brands such as fragrances, watches and fashion accessories.
We have the industry’s No. 1 share (* 4) in import and wholesale of overseas brand products.
Based on the track record and know-how cultivated as an import wholesaler, expand the business of authorized Japanese distributors and original brands. Fragrance serves as the sole agent for samurai, jaguar and gure, while developing a number of brands in a wide range of business models, such as the development of the Aqua Soap Series and Botocolux Black.
* 1 Results as of the end of August 2019
* 2 In-house survey

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