Inovex Co., Ltd. Reservation of the top color “EPONAS” luxury leather band for Apple Watch “Venetian Red ” will start on Friday, December 6!

Inovex Corporation
Reservation for the top-of-the-top quality leather band “EPONAS” for Apple Watch new color “Venetian Red” will start on Friday, December 6th!
A premium organic leather wax “Fantom (60g)” will be given to those who purchase two or more leather bands by Wednesday, December 25!
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Inovex Co., Ltd. (Head office: 8-1 Akashicho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, President: Takahiro Sugiyama) is a top-class leather band “EPONAS” for Apple Watch that has been developed since October 2019. Reservation for the new color “Venetian Red” has started on Friday, December 6th. EPONAS seriously considers what kindness, beauty, and comfort are, and delivers products that enable people to experience real richness in a single moment in their daily lives. Born for the purpose. It is attractive for female Apple watch users, and it is attractive for its rich color and size development that can be used for unisex. This time, the new “Venetian Red” has been named for the complex, harmonious deep red motif of the Veneto wine that takes advantage of the Mediterranean climate of the water city of Venice. The venetian red leather band, which is not too flashy and can be worn without having to choose a TPO, has a complex and harmonious variety of expressions.
Also, if you have purchased at least 2 bottles of the new color “Burgundy Red” and one of the other 5 colors by December 25
(Wednesday), you will receive a high-quality organic leather wax “Fantom (60g)” Will be presented as a gift.
Please try this opportunity to try EPONAS’s top maison quality world, which was born out of co-creation with craftsmen who have absolute skills for quality, selected from all over the world.
■ EPONAS concept
In everyday life, not only expensive things and luxurious things, but not only visible products themselves, but also “development ideas”, “manufacturing processes” and “sales methods” hidden behind them. Seriously thinking about what kindness, beauty, and comfort are, we deliver products that enable people to experience real richness in a scene in their lives. “EPONAS” will continue to provide products that satisfy our customers with these services and products.
■ EPONAS product overview
The leather of the band uses shrink leather (meaning wrinkled leather) from the world-famous German luxury tanner “Peringer” with a history of more than 150 years. The finest quality shrink leather that has been carefully tanned over 7 times the normal leather cleaning process is hard to scratch, and each of its tasting textures exudes a rich individuality.
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High quality nappa leather resistant to moisture in the inner. Sewing is carried out at a prestigious workshop in Europe that handles several high-end brands. D buckle that is only used in luxury watches. You can wear the watch with one hand, so once you use it, you can’t return to a band without it. In addition, since it is not necessary to bend the band every time it is attached or detached, there is less burden on the band and it will last longer. The use of D-buckle was a mast because it uses top-mason quality leather. You can choose from four colors to match the case color of your Apple Watch.
■ CHRISTMAS Campaign
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“If you buy two or more leather bands, you will receive 60g of high-quality organic leather wax“ Fantom ”. Because it uses only natural materials such as selected natural petroleum jelly and medicinal herb extract as raw materials, it touches your skin. The moisture of the leather is revived.
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■ Shrink leather belt for Apple Watch
[Product Name] Apple Watch Shrink Leather Belt
[Supported models] iphone 5, iphone 4 and earlier models
[Corresponding case color] 4 colors (silver, gold, black, yellow gold) [Leather color] 6 colors (Belgian Black, Monaco Etope, Bohemian Grege, Scandinavian blue, Barcelona orange, * NEW Venetian red)
[Distributor] EPONAS
[Release Date] October 1, 2019
[Price] 17,250 yen (excluding tax)
* Compatible with 44mm and 42mm Apple Watch sizes
(42mm and 38mm before Apple Watch 3)
■ [EPONAS] Online Store
■ Overview of Inovex Corporation
[Establishment] February 6, 2013
[Capital] 100 million yen
[Representative Director and President] Takahiro Sugiyama
[Head office location] 〒104-0044 8-1 Akashicho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo St. Luke Tower 13F
[Business description]
Sales of plastic sheets and films, synthetic fiber net products, other processed products, and related products

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