In the snow, sing a mood-like song that folds up! Kanjani Eight Maruyama-san and Yokoyama-san’s “Amashu” CM winter version “Amazake bros.

Morinaga Confectionery Co., Ltd.
In the snow, sing a mood-like song that folds up! Kanjani Eight Maruyama-san and Yokoyama-san’s “Amazake” CM winter version “Amazake bros. Winter” version started nationwide on December 16 (Monday) Refreshingly and beautifully with amazake!

Morinaga & Co., Ltd. (Shiba, Minato-ku, Tokyo, President: Eijiro Ota) will broadcast a new Amazake TV commercial nationwide from Monday, December 16th.
“Amazake” is a blend of carefully selected domestic sake koji and rice koji in a special ratio, with a rich texture of liquor and a gentle sweetness of koji koji, and a “feel” and “taste” that allows you to feel the grains of rice koji firmly. This is a featured product. In the new TV commercial, Ryuhei Maruyama and Yutaka Yokoyama from Kanjani Eight have been appointed as product image characters since summer. Wrap a muffler, wear a “sweet sake” pattern, and sing a mood song of sweet sake in a mood-like song in the summer TV CM in front of the snow or Kamakura. We will publish “Amazake” while singing the song that remains in the ears and the lap-like lyrics that are folded in the second half with a sharp face.
Also, in an interview conducted after the filming, Maruyama-san’s special (!?) Food repo was challenged. Mr. Maruyama said, “The best comment” from the staff says, “Of course, my body warms, but my heart also warms!” When Mr. Yokoyama laughed laughing at such a too much comment, Mr. Maruyama was embarrassed and said, “I’ve cooled your mind …” .
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■ TVCM overview
Title: Amazake bros. Winter 15 seconds
Broadcast start date: Monday, December 16, 2019
Broadcast area: National
* TV commercials can be viewed on the Morinaga Amazake brand site after 10:00 on December 16 (Monday).
Morinaga Amazake Brand Website:
■ CM story
In front of the snowfall or pillow, Maruyama and Yokoyama wore a muffler around their necks and wore a “sweet sake” pattern. Maruyama starts singing in a mood tune like “Amazake ~ ♪” with a strong voice. Next, Ms. Yokoyama continues with “Morinaga-Morinaga- ♪”. And as the camera approaches the two people, the song gradually gets faster, and in the end it folds like a fold, “If you say Amazake ~, it ’s the best-selling amazake in Japan. The
”The highlight of the commercial is the song that sings in earnest the song that remains in the ears and the rap-like lyrics that are folded in the second half.
■ CM site report
Maruyama-san and Yokoyama-san wearing a cool yukata and taking a picture of them while leaning against a tree in the precinct, this summer CM was taken in front of a snow-covered kamakura, opposite to the summer CM . When the filming started, a lot of snow was actually fallen with a special device, but the snow on the bodies and heads of the two people sometimes jumped into the mouth and disturbed the singing. The staff around you will be relaxed with the care and friendliness of casually paying the falling snow to each other. Also, two people who had struggled during the summer CM shooting with the wrap-like lyrics to fold. This song was completely captured in this winter shoot! In addition, he sang in Norinori.
■ Interview after shooting
Q. In this commercial, “Energy and beauty” is a catch phrase. What is the “secret of the two”?
Mr. Yokoyama “The secret of beauty (laughs). Do you have it? Mr. Maruyama “Yes, of course.”
Mr. Yokoyama “Are you there?”
Mr. Maruyama “To laugh a lot!”
Mr. Yokoyama “Is it true? (Laughs)”
Mr. Maruyama “After all, Kankani Jani ∞ has a lot of laughter and everyone can do that.
I think it is a unit. At the same time, I laugh with everyone. Then it will become beautiful. ”
Mr. Yokoyama “I’m impatient now (laughs)”
Mr. Maruyama “I’m not impatient.”
Mr. Yokoyama “Are you impatient?”
Mr. Maruyama “Do you know?”
Mr. Yokoyama
Mr. Maruyama “I’m pretty impatient (laughs). I thought a few things.” Mr. Yokoyama “But Maru-chan has a beautiful skin.”
Mr. Maruyama “Oh, well, half bathing and sweating.
After that, I will make real soup in winter. So, sake brewing is good for beauty In that sense, in that sense, the body is full and the metabolism goes up. This amazake has an effect on the skin. ”
Mr. Yokoyama “It ’s nice, it also contains sake lees.”
Mr. Maruyama “That’s right.”
Mr. Yokoyama “In addition, it ’s rice bran, so it ’s great for your skin.” Mr. Maruyama “There is also information on bears and slack in pores. I hope you can make this a habit, drink amazake, and warm your body. ” Mr. Yokoyama “It’s said that you really drink serum.”
Mr. Maruyama “Is that so?”
Mr. Yokoyama “Amazake is really good for your skin, so please try it out.” Mr. Maruyama “Let’s come clean and meet!”
Mr. Yokoyama “(laughs) Uh … so, isn’t it okay to have no Kanjani Eight?” Mr. Maruyama “It’s okay (laughs). If you can cut it nicely (laughs). That’s really dangerous, that (laughs).”
Q. How was it after drinking the product? I would like a food report for each product.
Mr. Yokoyama: “Oh, it ’s delicious.
Maruyama-san “Yes. Of course your body warms, but your heart also warms!” Mr. Yokoyama “Ha ha ha ha ha ha (laughs)”
Maruyama-san “It’s painful!”
Mr. Yokoyama “The staff told me to say“ the best comment ”, and as a result, it was like this.”
Mr. Maruyama “I tremble, my body.”
Mr. Yokoyama “(Looking at the staff) Adults laugh at all (laughs)” Ms. Maruyama: “I’ve cooled your mind even though I’m telling you to warm it with amazake.”
Mr. Yokoyama “Oh, don’t you say good things! No, don’t say good things, is it strange?”
Maruyama-san “When you get warm, this is a real blusher. Everyone will come up.” Yokoyama: “It ’s really good for your skin”
Mr. Maruyama “I think it will be beautiful.”
Mr. Yokoyama “This is also good for you.”
Maruyama-san “Yes, it’s also a fermented beverage.
Because it contains rice bran and sake lees, it’s a double
fermentation material. ”
Yokoyama-san “No, it’s delicious, it’s simple.
Because it means that. Please try it out. Thanking you in advance. ” 【Product Summary】
[Image 2d42241-8-270173-5.png
[Image 3d42241-8-424418-6.png

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