Guide company future image MEGOOD BEAUTY, a new product called Mugwogi Mask, will appear on the 20th of December from MEGOOD BEAUTY.

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A new product “Mugwogi Mask” will be released on December 20th from MEGOOD BEAUTY.
The long-awaited new product from MEGOOD BEAUTY is a mugwort mask that can be used on sensitive skin!

MEGOOD BEAUTY will release a new product “Mugwogi Mask” on December 20th. Approach sensitive skin problems such as skin redness and inflammation. While supplementing with moisture, prepares firm and healthy skin.
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“Mugwort Mask” contains 30 kinds of Kampo and naturally derived ingredients to suppress skin inflammation. Moisturizes sensitive skin that is prone to redness, leading to bright and lively skin. Mugwort, the main ingredient, has been decocted as a medicine since ancient times. It is rich in nutrients such as amino acids and beta colitine, and supports the natural power of the skin. Tannin component in mugwort works to produce lipid peroxides that induce pigmentation and suppresses cellular aging.
Many other naturally derived ingredients such as camellia extract and purslane extract, witch hazel extract used for UV stimulation and insect bites, wolfberry rich in vitamin C, and honey known for its beauty such as moisturizing skin Contains. It soothes acne scars and delicate skin problems, and leads to healthy skin while preparing sensitive skin due to environmental conditions.
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Ribbon extract (aka: Tiger full)
In Japan, it lives mainly in the southern mountains such as Ryukyu and Ogasawara from west of Honshu. In the old days, wild tigers are called tiger full because they are said to have cured the scars by painting bruxes on the wounds. Acupuncture is said to have excellent
anti-inflammatory, anti-inflammatory and sedative effects and suppresses skin inflammation such as eczema. It also has an
anti-oxidant effect, thus promoting blood circulation. Eliminates swelling, prevents aging, and brightens skin tone.
Purslane extract
Although it is incorporated as a salad overseas, it is called “Nimbutuka” in Okinawa Prefecture and is also useful as a health food. It works on skin inflammation and promotes the discharge of waste by increasing metabolism.
Witch hazel extract
A plant characterized by a long and thin string-like petal of about 1.5cm in length. It has an astringent effect and is used for calming rough skin caused by insect bites and UV rays. It also promotes skin turnover and promotes skin condition. Recalls the natural drag of the skin and leads to healthy skin.
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◆? Product Name: “Mugwort Mask” (5 sheets)

Release date: December 20, 2019
Handling store: MEGOOD BEAUTY official site
Price: 1,700 yen (excluding tax)

Company name: Dia Corporation
Location: 6-F Green Minamihiradai Building, 16-29 Minamihiradaimachi, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Products: Beauty products such as Korean cosmetics, hair care and supplements Official site:
Instagram: @megood__beauty

Instagram: @_ megbaby_ Total number of followers: 818 thousand (as of December 1, 2019)
Opened “MEGOOD BEAUTY”, a total beauty shop that is familiar with Korean cosmetics, hair care and supplements, and that introduces items you have selected. We try all products on our own and pick up only those products that we can recommend with confidence. The unique appeal of cosmetics from a beauty powerhouse is transmitted from MEGBABY’s unique perspective. The cosmetics introduced have attracted a lot of attention from users.
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