Ponta Loyalty marketing that operates the common point “Ponta”, launching the “Green Ponta Project” that aims to contribute to the achievement of the SDGs

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Loyalty Marketing Inc.
Loyalty marketing that operates the common point “Ponta” and “Green Ponta Project” that aims to contribute to the achievement of the SDGs started ~ A society surrounded by wasteless waste ~

Loyalty Marketing Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, President: Tsuyoshi Hasegawa, hereinafter referred to as “LM”) that operates the common point service “Ponta” We are pleased to announce the launch of the “Green Ponta Project” as an activity that
contributes to the achievement of “Sustainable Development Goals)”. [Image 1d4376-398-216693-0.png
The SDGs are international goals adopted at the United Nations Summit and consist of 17 goals such as “responsibility to create” to realize a sustainable world. LM has a corporate philosophy of “Contributing to the construction of a lean consumption society” and grasping the real needs of consumers through “Ponta” and deploying valuable information to companies to reduce various wastes. We aim to develop a healthy consumer society. We believe that embodying our corporate philosophy will lead to the achievement of the SDGs.
LM has recently launched the Green Ponta Project, which aims to contribute to the achievement of the SDGs, and has also released a site that introduces this project.
Green Ponta Project site: https://www.ponta.jp/c/greenponta
The “Green Ponta Project” is based on the vision of “Toward a society surrounded by wasteless waste” to solve various social issues by eliminating wasteful consumption, and to maintain and maintain a green and clean earth. We aim to create a society where everyone can live with a radiant smile, creating the cycle of Shiawase.
”Ponta”, a common point operated by LM, is a service that has more than 90 million members and can collect and use Ponta points at approximately 220,000 stores nationwide. Utilizing this foundation, in addition to Ponta alliance companies, companies that work on the SDGs will also connect Ponta members to expand their activities. In the future, we are also considering activities that look to the future of the earth and children, and will contribute to the achievement of the SDGs through this project.
Initiatives of the “Green Ponta Project”
In the Green Ponta Project, under the vision of “Toward a society surrounded by wasteless waste”, we will work on three Choices as activities that anyone can participate in. Through this initiative, we will also contribute to the goals of the SDGs, including
“responsibility to create and responsibility to use” by embodying our corporate philosophy “Contribute to building a lean consumer society”. [Image 2d4376-398-159747-2.png
Your Choice 1: Activities to eliminate waste
Eliminate all waste in the world, protect, nurture and clean the earth. We will work to reduce plastics and CO2 through activities to promote “My” items that eliminate disposable waste such as disposable chopsticks, plastic bags, and plastic bottles after drinking. We also support various SDG activities such as energy conservation and recycling by partner companies.
・ Participating companies (in alphabetical order)
Albis Co., Ltd., MC Retail Energy Co., Ltd., Sanyodo Holdings Co., Ltd., Nishimuta Co., Ltd., Mitsubishi Corporation, Route-In Japan Co., Ltd.
Your Choice 2: Sustainable participation
Participation in meaningful consumption without waste and a prosperous life for all.
To promote “My” items, we created Ponta sustainable goods such as My Bags, Tumblers, and Chopsticks with a Ponta design. In addition, we have products with certification labels and marks such as “Organic JAS Mark” and “USDA Organic” that can acquire products that take into consideration the future of the earth, such as environmental conservation and work environment. Can be exchanged for Ponta points. Your Choice 3: Activities that pass on people and the earth
Looking to the future of the earth, to raise awareness of those who lose waste. In the future, we will work with various organizations on activities that look to the future of the earth and the future of children.

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