Hakuba Iwatake area, where regional revitalization is progressing, plans to open two facilities sequentially from 12/13

Hakuba Iwatake Cityscape Revitalization Coordinating Nature and Tradition Hakuba Iwatake area where regional revitalization advances
-More liveliness in the city with the opening of the complex accommodation facility “haluta hakuba” with warm bathing facilities and bio kiosks, and the establishment of a high-class old private house resort, Hatago Maruhachi Sanbankan-

Established in 2018 by ALL Shinshu Tourism Revitalization Fund, NEC Capital Solutions Co., Ltd., Hakuba Iwatake Tourism Association, FUNNY Corporation, Hakuba Tourism Development Co., Ltd. Company
(Headquarters: Hokujo, Hakuba Village, Kita-Azumi-gun, Nagano Prefecture, President: Hiroshi Wada, hereinafter “Iwatake Townscape Revitalization Co., Ltd.”) Expanded Ichibankan and opened (scheduled) “Sanbankan” on December 13, and opened “haluta hakuba” on December 27, which is a complex accommodation facility with a hot bath facility and a bio kiosk. (Planned)
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Left: “Sanbankan” interior image, right: “haluta hakuba” exterior image Iwatake Cityscape Revitalization Co., Ltd. aims to revitalize the cityscape as an integrated resort while renovating and utilizing existing buildings such as vacant houses in the Iwatake area and lodging facilities that are considered to be closed, while protecting natural resources and traditional landscapes. Established. On December 22, 2018, the grand opening of the high-class old-style house resort facility “Hirage Maruhachi”, which reuses old-style houses with a Japanese atmosphere, etc. In February 2019, the occupancy rate has already reached nearly 80%, including foreign visitors to Japan. In August of the following year, we opened the “Hakuba Ham” workshop and direct sales office, making use of local specialties such as Hakuba pigs. Content that takes advantage of local landscapes and materials has been well received by tourists both in Japan and overseas, contributing to the revitalization of the Iwatake area, which has a good old Japanese landscape.
And in order to promote further revitalization before the full-fledged winter season, the luxury old private house resort facility “Hatamari Maruhachi Sanbankan” will be opened on December 13th, and the complex accommodation facility “haluta hakuba” on December 27th. Opening is planned. Enjoy the charming Hakuba while walking slowly through the cityscape based in the Iwatake area full of Japanese emotions.
■ Expanded due to popularity! Hatago Maruhachi Sanbankan, which uses the traditional Japanese architectural style of “Dozo”
High-class old private house resort facility opened in 2018, “Tabimaru Maruhachi Ichibankan / Ichibankan” has been gaining popularity, reusing the building used as an inn and opening “Sanbankan” on December 13 (planned) I will do it. “Tabura Maruhachi” is a generic name for a renovated facility with the theme of high-class Japanese and modern, “Shoya Maruhachi”, a clubhouse that integrates reception and dining functions, and a facility specialized in accommodation “Hiragi Maruhachi Ichibankan”・ It is composed of “Ichibankan”. The newly established “Sanbankan” reuses the building of a former ryokan, and uses “Dozo”, which is one of the traditional Japanese
architectural styles, painted on plaster with plaster. Renovation was carried out. There are 4 rooms in total, one maisonette type (about 53 square meters) and 3 standard type rooms (about 35 square meters each) to accommodate any group or group of people. The entire building can be reserved, so it is ideal for groups. Shi
Please spend a relaxing and extraordinary time in a space full of Japanese emotions in the winter sky where it snows.
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Left: “Sanbankan” appearance, right: “Sanbankan” logo
■ Haluta hakuba, an accommodation facility where you can enjoy the culture and air of Scandinavian with the theme of self-retreat A company with bases in Ueda City, Nagano Prefecture, Tokyo, Scandinavia and Denmark, and a wide range of businesses related to daily life, such as import and sale of Scandinavian vintage furniture, home building with a focus on heat insulation and air conditioning design, and manufacture and sale of safe and secure bread The first complex accommodation facility “haluta hakuba” by Haruta will open (planned) from December 27th.
The facility consists of two floors that have been renovated from a traditional guesthouse for skiers. On the first floor, a mist hot-spring facility called Toji- “ba haluta”, “Bio kiosk” that handles foods and beverages such as organic amenity goods and black bread using pesticide-free rye, shared kitchen, co-working space and meeting room that guests can use freely. In addition, retreat plans such as yoga and chineizan (salmon viscera therapy) will be provided. On the 2nd floor, there are 8 rooms named in Danish inspired by the land of Hakuba, and equipped with Scandinavian vintage furniture and sundries handled by haluta. “ Spire ” where you can stay reasonably on a double bed, “ frugt ” that can be used for up to 5 people including family and friends by laying a futon in the space of 2 beds and tatami mats, the best bedding material There are various room types such as “rod” with approximately 54 square meters using horse blanket. In addition, the hall is designed mainly for heat insulation and air conditioning from the viewpoint of preventive medicine, and recyclable rock wool and heat insulation materials made from natural resources, heat exchangers, PS panels (dehumidification type radiant heating and cooling equipment) )use. Even in the winter of Hakuba, you can stay comfortably all year round without using an air conditioner. [Image 3

Image left: Guest room image, Image right: Bio kiosk handling product image Iwatake Cityscape Revitalization Co., Ltd. will continue to revitalize the cityscape by inviting various stores while utilizing precious tourism resources full of Japanese atmosphere in the Hakuba Iwatake area.
[Overview of Hatago Maruhachi Sanbankan]
Facility name: “Hiroshima Maruhachi Sanbankan”
Address: 11032 Hokujo, Hakuba-mura, Kita-Azumi-gun, Nagano 399-9301 ※ The address of the club house “Shoya Maruhachi”
Opening date: December 13 (planned)
HP: https://hatagomaruhachi.jp/
■ Standard Room
・ Capacity: 4 people (about 35 square meters)
・ Room charge for two people is ¥ 30,000 ~ (excluding tax, winter fee) * Additional 10,000 yen per person (excluding tax)
・ Bed Semi-double bed x 2 + Futon 2
・ Mini kitchen
・ Shower booth
■ Maisonette Room
・ Capacity: 4 people (approximately 53 square meters)
・ One room charge 40,000 yen or more for two people (excluding tax, winter charge)
* Additional 10,000 yen per person (excluding tax)
・ Bed semi-double bed x 2 + futon 2
・ Mini kitchen (there is a large common kitchen in the building) ·bath
■ All rooms are common
Home appliances: TV (50 inch) / refrigerator / washing machine / microwave / electric kettle / hair dryer
Equipment: Cooking utensils / cutlery / glasses
Amenities: Shampoo / Conditioner / Body soap / Brush / Soap / Shaver / Comb Other:
・ There is a communal kitchen and a communal living room in Hatagomaru Hachiman Building.
When staying at a large number of guests, it can also be used as a restaurant in the facility.
・ Each building has a drying room.
・ For stays of 5 nights or more, there is a 10% discount on the accommodation fee.
・ Free pick-up from Hakuba Station (approx. 10 minutes)
・ Free shuttle bus and free transfer to nearby slopes.
・ Bed make up and eco cleaning during long stay are every 3 days. * If you wish more than 1,500 yen per person (excluding tax) [Outline of “haluta hakuba”]
Facility name: “haluta hakuba”
Address: 10846 Kitajo, Hakuba Village, Kitazumi District, Nagano Prefecture Opening date: December 27 (planned)
HP: https://haluta-hotels.com/
Facility Overview: Hot Bath Facilities, Bio-Kiosk, Accommodation, Coworking Space, Meeting Room
■ Accommodation fee (1 room for 2 people)
rod: ¥ 48,000- (twin room x 2 / 54.72 square meters * with horse blanket) frugt (fruct / actual): ¥ 32,000- (twin room / 31.59 square meters) stilk: 40,000 ~ (twin room / 29.16 square meters * with horse blanket) stamme (stem / stem): ¥ 40,000- (twin room / 28.35 square meters * with horse blanket)
gren (Glen / branch): ¥ 32,000- (twin room / 27.57 square meters) blad (blur / leaf): ¥ 26,000- (double room / 19.44 square meters) fro (foy / seed): ¥ 28,000- (twin room / 18.22 square meters) spire (spear / bud): ¥ 26,000- (double room / 16.20 square meters) * Prices vary depending on the season. Please contact us for details. * “O” in “fro” is “o” with slash.
* Please see the website for details such as guest rooms.
■ Reservation system conference plan
Price: ¥ 150,000- ¥ 300,000 / day (excluding tax)
Number of people: 10 to 18
■ Coworking space
Price: ¥ 1,500 / day (excluding tax)
Hours: 10: 00-18: 00
■ Retreat Plan
・ Chinethan (salmon viscera therapy)
・ Esalen (whole body oil treatment), etc.
* Please contact the facility for details and information.
【Company Profile】
Company Name: Hakuba Iwatake Cityscape Activation Co., Ltd., a fusion of nature and tradition
Representative Director and President: Hiroshi Wada
Address: 639-1 Hokujo, Hakuba Village, Kita-Azumi-gun, Nagano Established: August 30, 2018Business description: Renovation of accommodation facilities, cityscape improvement

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