SHIBUYA109 Entertainment Inc. [SHIBUYA109 lab. Trend Forecast 2020 “Key words for 2020” are “support con sumption”, “Chinese taste”, “retro cute”

SHIBUYA109 Entertainment Inc.
“SHIBUYA109 lab. Trend forecast 2020 “Key words for 2020” are “support consumption”, “Chinese taste”, “retro cute”
Announcing the latest trend survey from SHIBUYA109!

SHIBUYA109 Entertainment Inc. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, President: Tomoro Kimura) is a youth marketing research institution “SHIBUYA109 lab.” (Reading: Shibuyaichi Maruki Lab) We will conduct a trend survey on the target and announce the trend forecast for 2020 based on the results.
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[Cafe / Gourmet] Korean culture continues to lead the food trend. Retro cute Korean cafe food trend!
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Around20 has decided to go to play around “food”. It is no longer common sense that coexistence of “taste” and “shine” is essential.
■ Mokupan set
A dream plate where you can eat Shin-Okubo gourmet at the same time, leading the Asian food boom that has continued since 2018. Toppogi, cheese balls, yangyeom chicken, honey butter potatoes, etc. are put in one plate little by little. The Korean gluttonous YouTuber’s [Moppin Video] (a gluttony video) is a trend that is gradually becoming a trend.
■ shine glass drink
Text and illustrations are drawn on drink glasses provided at cafes and taverns. It has a retro design, and more and more shops are not only enjoying food, but also being stabbed in “shine needs”.
■ Print drink
A drink that allows you to print your favorite photos on the surface of tapioca and latte, you can enjoy your own design drink. There is a high affinity with “Wota Live Consumption”, which is one of the active activities in around20, and it seems that there are many people who enjoy printing their own “push” photos.
■ Cherry cake
A short cake that uses cherry instead of strawberries. Korean cafe sweets have attracted attention. There seems to be around20 which is handmade at home.
■ Tuncaron
In Korean, it means “fat macaroons” and is characterized by a lot of cream and ganache than regular macaroons. This was also triggered by the trend in Korea, and the number of macaron specialty shops that handle Tuncaron is increasing gradually in Japan.
In 2020, the influence of Korean culture is likely to be strong not only in cafes and gourmets but also in various categories such as fashion and cosmetics. You can see that interest is growing not only in the classic Korean cuisine but also in Korean cafe culture. Also, as a common point, cafes and gourmets with a slightly retro atmosphere are attracting attention, and the taste of photo processing when posting to Instagram is also a “dusk natural” (* SHIBUYA109 lab. Naming) atmosphere that makes you feel the 80s Seems to be popular. [Image 3

[Mono / Koto category] I’m interested in Chinese taste! Miscellaneous goods, perfume and tattoo stickers … Pursue a new level of fashion! Pay attention to items you can customize
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■ Chinese Makeup Fashion
For fashion and makeup, Chinese taste is likely to become a trend. Compared to “Korean fashion”, which has a girly atmosphere, the keywords for Chinese fashion are “classical atmosphere” and “cool femininity”.
Contrary to the Korean-style makeup “Olchan Makeup”, which is characterized by a soft finish, Chinese makeup is characterized by “pottery skin” and “makeup that emphasizes facial parts”. On Instagram, around20, which collects information about Chinese makeup and fashion using hashtags such as “#Chinese fashion” and “#Chaiborg”, is increasing.
■ Tattoo Sticker
It has been attracting attention as a result of having become a topic on Instagram. There seems to be an increase in the number of around20 items that can be easily enjoyed with accessories.
■ Original fabric mist
This is a service that allows you to create your own fabric mist by selecting your favorite aroma and color. It has also become a hot topic as a stylish wota life service, such as selecting the color of the recommended color and the fragrance inspired by the recommended image.
■ Korea miscellaneous goods
There is a growing interest in Korean miscellaneous goods because of the increasing number of people who are studying and studying stationery grammar and taking pictures of stationery. Recently, Korean miscellaneous goods brands such as “1107” and “THENCE” have opened limited-time stores in Japan.
Korean miscellaneous goods include postcards, candles, and stationery, but the most popular item is “Tulip Artificial Flowers”. If you search on Instagram with hashtags of “#Korea miscellaneous goods”,
“#Studygrams”, and “#Room making”, you can see that miscellaneous goods, sweets, and wota life goods are photographed and posted together with artificial flowers of tulips.
■ Handmade seal
Like “#Nepri (abbreviation of net print)”, which became the trend of Ota in 2019, I made my own stickers and enjoyed them in schedule books and smartphone cases.
Making a self-made sticker in South Korea has become a trend and is attracting attention around Japan around20. Check how to make a search with the hashtag “#Ins (Korean for transparent seal)” on YouTube and Instagram, and prepare materials with uniform 100 yen.
As a recent fashion trend, there is a tendency to give one-point accents to simple clothes, and from that trend, it seems that more people will enjoy a bit of fashion with perfumes, tattoo stickers, and miscellaneous goods.
In addition, items that can be customized in your own way will also trigger “Wota Live Consumption”, which is a hint to grab the hearts of young people.
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[Human category] Comedy boom has arrived? Popular comedians based on SNS The common influences of influencers that will be the trend in 2020 are “friendship” and “incorporation”
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Starting from SNS, there are an increasing number of comedians who have gained popularity around20.
It’s a short story on YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, etc., and it can be said that there are more opportunities for around20 to use SNS than TV and comedy live. In addition, there seems to be around20 that goes to a real place like a comedy live, triggered by a video posted on SNS. Popular stories such as the comedy combo “Rainbow” and “School Zone Hashimo” (Ryo Hashimoto from the comedy combo “School Zone”) and certain stories are popular. In the future, not only comedians, but also the participation of YouTube and other talents and actors who are active on TV is likely to increase.
Recently, there are many around20 people who are working as
influencers. There are various distribution themes, such as “HowTo” for makeup, Korean culture, and the types I tried.
What is common in people like “Kano / Kanok Star” and “PKA channel” whose names are listed in the trend prediction is “influencers with a sense of feeling and distance like friends”. Rather than focusing on the genres of distribution themes and the charisma of influencers, attention is focused on influencers who are more familiar and have a sense of familiarity.
These videos are often watched during gaps or killing time, and doing things such as makeup while watching the videos rather than the “face-to-face viewing” that concentrates on the videos, the videos go into the lives of around20 people However, “Nearby watching” is the mainstream.
In recent years, many people have been studying with videophones connected with friends, and have not been talking but have been connected to the phone, and there is such a consciousness of around20 that they always want to connect with someone. , We analyze that it is behind the influence of friend-like influencers.
[Artist] The boy idol group is hot! “I want to support you” is the point [Image 7

In the artist category, boy idol groups such as “Naniwa Boys” formed by members of Kansai Johnny’s Jr. and the Japanese version of “PRODUCE 101”, a Korean audition program “PRODUCE101” are popular. It seems to be.
The popularity of the men’s idol group has also expanded to
underground idols (idol groups active in indies), and attention is also paid to men’s underground idol groups that are active around live houses.
The common point of the featured artists is that they can see the “backside” that cannot be seen on the stage, and are not a complete form, but an extended group, and there are “elements to support”.
■ About this survey
From SHIBUYA109 lab.’S monthly interview survey in SHIBUYA109, we picked up trend keywords that attract attention around20 by SHIBUYA109 lab.
In addition, a questionnaire survey will be conducted on trend keywords, and the top five contents will be announced from the four categories (cafe / gourmet, mono / koto, human, artist).
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* Trend keyword selection members
SHIBUYA109 lab. Director, SHIBUYA109 lab. Senior Researcher
109 News Shibuya Editor
SHIBUYA109 lab. 2 researchers
109 newswriters
[Questionnaire survey overview]
1.SHIBUYA109 Girls Survey August-November 2019
Period: August to November 2019
Survey target: SHIBUYA109 visitor around20 (15-24 years old) female Valid responses: N = 100 / month
Based on the above survey results, trend keywords that are likely to become trendy in 2020 are selected in [Café / Gourmet category] [Mono / Koto category] [Human category] [Artist category]
2. SHIBUYA109 Girls Trend Forecast Survey
Survey method: Questionnaire survey in SHIBUYA109 Shibuya (Shibuya-ku, Tokyo) Period: November 2019
Survey target: SHIBUYA109 Shibuya (Shibuya-ku, Tokyo) Visitors / Women aged 15-24
Valid answers: N = 187
Survey and analysis: SHIBUYA109 lab. (Operation: SHIBUYA109 Entertainment Inc.)
■ From the director of SHIBUYA109 lab.
The trend of the past few years is that the influence of Asian culture, especially Korea, is very strong during around20, and this trend is expected to continue in 2020.
Also, the current around20 is characterized by spending time and money on Ota, but from the desire to support the content, various forms of “support consumption” have been born. In addition to purchasing goods and participating in live performances, the actual situation of enjoying Ota life with custom products and handmade goods is gradually increasing, and consumption behavior starting from such motivation for Ota life will continue to be a trend . (Director, SHIBUYA109 lab./Mai Nagata)
■ SHIBUYA109 lab. Overview
A marketing team specializing in the new generation, established at SHIBUYA109 Entertainment Inc. SHIBUYA109’s target “around20” (young people around 20 years old) is focusing on their actual situation and analyzing them from their own perspective.
Established: May 17, 2018
Director: Nagata Mai (belonging to SHIBUYA109 Entertainment Inc.) Homepage:
■ SHIBUYA109 Entertainment Inc. Overview
Operates six facilities centered on SHIBUYA109 (Shibuya-ku, Tokyo) (including operations at subsidiaries). With the corporate philosophy of “Making You SHINE!”, We will develop a business that goes beyond the real estate leasing business in order to make the new generation responsible for the future shine and fulfill our dreams and wishes. Date of establishment: April 3, 2017
Representative Director: Tomohiro Kimura

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